Soul of Christ, Sanctify Him

Soul of Christ, sanctify him.
Body of Christ, save him.
Blood of Christ, inebriate him.
Water from the side of Christ, wash him.
Passion of Christ, strengthen him.
O good Jesus, hear him.
Within Thy wounds hide him.
Separated from Thee let him never be;
From the evil one defend him.
At the hour of his death call him.
And close to Thee bid him;
That with Thy saints he may praise Thee for ever and ever.
Thank You, Jesus, that another of our sons has been allowed to receive Your Precious Body and Blood in the Holy Eucharist. We are forever grateful.

One of my favorite shots from the day as the communicants were making their Consecration to Mary

We are so blessed that our local homeschool group is welcomed at the local cloistered Dominican Monastery for First Communion! The families of the communicants get to meet with the sisters afterwards and it is SUCH a gift! They are just so beautiful. There are about 12 or so living here and they pray for the communicants by name in the months beforehand. When we walked into the room (they stay behind the grill), they started clapping and knew right away that it was Luke (only boy in the group!). They asked if Peter was the one "singing" with them during Mass and gave a lovely gift to Luke. They even placed him in their 1,000 Masses enrollment! Sister Mary Emmanuel was so excited when she heard his middle name was Emmanuel that she clapped. 

That old guy there was willing to share his 39th birthday AND if you look in the background it was also the exact 90th anniversary of the monastery! We were also blessed with the first sunny warm day in months!

We celebrated at our home after with a little luncheon, family, and Godparents. That snazzy bowtie he picked out himself. All my boys have worn the same suit but my little tradition is to let them pick out a new tie for the occasion. 

Earlier in the week Luke and I put together favors to give to the guests. White chocolate melted into these molds and tied with the tags I made years ago when our first made his Communion.

I have the tags available free for your own use in this post. They're on Scribd so if you don't have an account and would like me to send the file to you, feel free to email me through the site and I'd be happy to send them!

A champagne/sparkling juice toast to celebrate such a special day and an amazing kid.


  1. Lovely, I specially liked the nuns' involvement :)

  2. Much Blessings Luke! What a wonderful, precious Gift you have received. Our Carmelite's are the same, though they're an hour and a half from here. We were blessed that they met with my Sebastian after, and they sang a special hymn just for him


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