Not 'Til July, What I'm Reading, a Graduation, and Another Birthday

I have had zero creativity or desire to write lately. So I'm kind of literally forcing myself to write something because I do want to, I just don't *want* to, know what I mean? No? I had a brief discussion with someone about how little creativity I've felt during the last few pregnancies and I think it makes sense. When pregnant, a woman's whole body is doing the work of creating at every moment of the day and night (and it's exhausting!) so it's reasonable that I am already meeting that inherent human "need to create" and there's no pressing desire to do more. But here I am forcing myself to write anyway because I'll be grateful for it later. Plus, pregnancy insomnia.

This whole pregnancy I've been trying to be mentally cautious about the impatience that creeps in so so easily while pregnant. "Not 'til July!" became both my inner dialogue and my answer to the oh-so-common query (which was then oh-so-often met with shocked glances at my belly as if I could possibly burst at any moment. To which in better moments I would sometimes cheekily reply, "don't worry, I can get a LOT bigger than this.").

July felt like a long time away and I've wanted to stay in that mental space of not getting anxious about dates or frustrated with my body, my baby, or just life in general. It's been tougher recently as I fight the temptation to want to fast forward weeks to the relief of having this baby out. But suddenly...we're at the end of June! And "not 'til July" means just a few days away!

With book stuff calming down, family events passing, and the summer schedule basically cleared, I've finally felt the room to be able to prepare for the fact that there is a very real birth and baby happening soon! I used to be a constant nester whether pregnant or not. Pregnancy just threw it into hyper overdrive mode. The last couple, though, I just don't have the same energy as I used to. I did however get to buying most of my birth supplies, did some minor decluttering and cleaning, and finished a few little projects that, at the very least, give me as sense of accomplishment.

On that note:

37 Weeks!
Always a breath of relief when I make it to this point. Safe for home birth, no worries about premature issues, and can start doing things to welcome labor rather than avoid it!

I've updated my book page with the various podcasts, articles, and interviews I've done with a few more to come. Feel free to check it out!

I've gotten so much great feedback about Made for This and I love each and every note of thanks and encouragement that I get. One of the absolute best ways to thank an author whose writing has made an impact on you is to leave a 5 star review on Amazon. It really really helps not only to help others know that it's worth it but it also triggers it to show up for more people searching for books on the subject. And look! An easy to access link! ---> Leave a review for Made for This here  :)

Speaking of books, what I'm reading lately:

I know my pile is so not as super impressively high as others! 

Our women's group decided to read One Beautiful Dream over the summer. It's an easy summer read with an inspiring message. I feel like her overall message is one I've taken to heart over the years and it's a storyline I knew since I've followed Jen for years but it's a good reminder mixed with lots of funny stories and has given us some good conversation starters during group.

I cannot believe I've never read Three to Get Married by Venerable Fulton Sheen until now! I've read small portions but now I'm reading it all the way through and I love it. It's heady and theological so not everyone's cup of tea but I'm drinking it up happily. I'm only about half way through and he hasn't really even talked about marriage all that much yet! But it's a whole lot of the bones of Theology of the Body and there's just so much intelligence and depth and wisdom. Kinda endears me to an FJS inspired baby name...


We now officially have a high schooler! This boy graduated eighth grade and we participated in our homeschool group's graduation ceremony which far exceeded my expectations. The Mass was beautiful (and the main celebrant was a graduate of the group who had just been ordained the week  before!) and the reception afterwards was lovely. It was an exhausting but blessed day.

He also decided to go ahead and turn fourteen yesterday.

We had a very simple get together with grandparents and Godparents and a hastily decorated dark chocolate mint ice cream cake covered with ganache.

This one certainly won't be going down in the books as one of the best nor will it make my cake page. But you try decorating an ice cream cake on a humid June day while a gazillion months pregnant. He couldn't decide on any special theme so we just went with his "symbol" which for a few years has been a white diamond on a black background. (Not really sure why but?)

Speaking of which, I  don't think I shared here that he's opened an Etsy shop for his iron forging! He's been working really hard at it and all the work on the page and the items themselves are his own. He sold out of hooks the day it opened but has since replenished them. It's pretty awesome watching him do all this and learn so much in the process. I love this kid so much.

And his baby brother is pretty fond of him, too...

The feeling is pretty mutual. 
My heart just about explodes seeing these pictures.

Linking up with Kelly for Seven Quick Takes! Happy weekend!

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  1. You look beautiful, Mary! Prayers for you during these last few weeks.
    P.S. My boys are also really into forging and LOVE that your son started his own shop. He's inspiring them!


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