All Saints' Day Costumes 2017

Happy All Saints' Day!
After getting home from our trip we spent the last week figuring out this year's costumes and here's how they ended up:

The most adorable Saint Raphael the Archangel with his staff and fish

Saint Luke the Evangelist and patron saint of artists

Saint Dominic Savio

A Saint Martin of Tours repeat on a new body

And Saint Eustachius. Obviously. Because when your son is obsessed with archery and hunting he picks the saint to match.

They asked for this picture together. I love them so much.

Because I didn't have the time to plan a big party (plus two of our faithful families were out of the area this year!) we ended up with a little private home party of our own before going to Mass. Which was great and still beat trick or treating in 45 degree freezing rain. We're planning on joining up with another party happening this weekend as well!

And we still did our pinata! Because tradition. 
(For those of you who are new around here, one of the main events at our All Saints' party is a dragon pinata...teaching the kids that to being a saint means you've defeated the devil. And there's a sweet reward when you do :)


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