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Here's a bit of life lately...Advent agitation, December feasts, adorable toddlers, gaudeteing, and more.  Come on in and let's catch up...

In my head I'm loving that Advent is a full four weeks this year.  I wish my heart felt as good about it but despite the extra time I'm feeling like I just can't keep up with all the needs and people around me.  I'm sure no other mothers EVER feel like that, right?  (Lollllll.)  I don't feel as prepared as I normally do and even the decorating and things I normally love just feel like obligations to check off the list.  Which is okay.  I mean, I can do things and see that they're still good and worthy despite how I feel about it all and I know it will change.  Most likely after I get a good night of sleep or two...or possibly in a few hours.  (I maaaay be a bit moody sometimes?  I recall the husband maybe inferring that once or twice.)  But you get me.  We moms can go from feeling crazy in love to feeling just plain crazy in two seconds flat.  It'll all get done and some day I'll sleep.  In the meantime, coffee and Jesus.

Another Saint Nicholas day in the books.

A few days prior we finally got rid of the abundance of pumpkins on our porch and in the house after the baby shower.  It made me so sad because they were SO pretty and still good.  But December and Advent and we were nearing time to get the tree so.


His face when we told him that scientists recently found a dinosaur tail preserved in amber with feathers on it.

Advent Adoration with my women's group.  Such a beautiful group of women.  

Solemnities are for celebrating, right?

In full disclosure, I was not actually present at the tree picking.  But I sure do like enjoying it via the husband's pictures.  This boy still melts our hearts on the daily.

We don't get many opportunities in this house for using the inherited pink table linens.  So you better believe they come out on Gaudete Sunday!  (Hey, even our salt matches!  Ha!)

It's worked out well the last few years to get the tree on the Saturday before Gaudete so it's all ready to be decorated on Sunday.  It would be much too crazy to try to do it all in one day!  This year I veteran mommed it one step further and each of the kids took turns putting on their ornaments separately with me during the toddler's nap.  DO THAT.  So much better than the chaos of letting them all loose at once!  Plus, it gives me maybe a few more days before the toddler learns that we were allowed to all touch them...  We only put on about half of the ones we own and I was totally okay with it.

See?  I feel better already.  Now to fuel up again and actually do something productive with nap time.
I hope you're having a blessed Advent!

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