A Simple Little Fall-Themed Baby Shower

A few weeks ago over Thanksgiving weekend we had the blessing of being able to celebrate my youngest sister and her new little one!  I hosted the shower here along with my other four sisters and mom.  We chose a simple fall theme and despite my less than optimal photography, I had to share some pictures here for posterity.  Fall is such a fun season and it being Thanksgiving weekend and still November, it was nice to get one last swig of autumn before all the Christmas lights and stockings pushed it out of the way!

I scored a whole mess of the most gorgeous pumpkins at a local market.  I had tried several nurseries before that one and they had all gotten rid of all their mums and fall decor a week before Thanksgiving!  But this super kind farmer told me to take as many as I wanted for $5 since they would also be getting rid of theirs the day after Thanksgiving.  I filled my trunk!  I love those squashed fairy tale pumpkins in the fun colors!

I used my bundt pan trick to make a pumpkin cake but this time I stacked a smaller pumpkin on top!  The pumpkin is just two bundt cakes put together.  You just have to shave a bit off to make sure they fit flat together.  I had the bigger pan but I ordered this pan for the smaller pumpkin and it worked perfectly.  The cake was really a pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting.  The stem is an ice cream cone and the green icing is colored with spirulina powder.  It's a great (and unintentionally healthy!) way to get a deep green without artificial dye.

The bunting you may recall from my other younger sister's winter woodland shower last year.  (Gotta love a twofer!)

We had to have the unseen honoree photo represented!  He's a cutie already :) 

Trader Joe's had just a few little mums left and my canning ring pumpkins that I already had up for fall fit right in.  Our house is so so so bad for taking pictures.  It's already dark and that day was gray and rainy making it even harder.  It was nearly impossible to take a picture of the table spread!

My other younger sister who has a background as a head chef took care of all the main food!  So great.  We opted for an appetizer buffet rather than a sit down meal so people could graze and mingle.  Shrimp, mini quiche, meatballs, chicken salad croissants, bacon wrapped scallops, things just kept coming out...it was lovely!

Another sister wrapped up some rosemary plants to give as favors.  We didn't have games but we picked the name of a guest periodically to win a prize.  Zero effort winning over here :)  My mom put together all the prizes and each one was different and great!

Ha, also from the other shower!  I'm a slightly-more-than-one trick pony, apparently.

Guests were invited to leave a note of encouragement, advice, or well wishes for the new mama.

I was particularly proud of our fall-themed dessert spread.  Besides the pumpkin cake there was a Heath bar caramel apple dip (drool...), donut holes, and caramel corn.  Drinks were apple cider, water, and wine.  I love fall foods!

It was such an honor to again get to celebrate a new baby entering our family.  God has blessed us so much and we can't wait to meet this new little boy!  The gift of new life never gets old.  I'd be so grateful if you could say a prayer for my new little nephew and for a beautiful and healthy birth for them both!  

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  1. Such a beautiful and thoughtful party. You don't give yourself enough credit! The pumpkin cake alone would have given me anxiety :) You know exactly how to make someone feel special, your home inviting, but everything looks so inviting for the guests. Great job Mary!

  2. So beautiful - you are so creative.


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