Random Round Up {phfr}

A round up of some of the random pieces of life around here...


The lilac season is just about over but the bush near our house had a lot to give this year.  They don't last long cut but they make the house smell amazing!


Sunshine and babies and bubbles

The three older boys are part of a cross country team with our homeschool group.  The older ones run 1.8 miles and the littler group runs one.  It's really relaxed and low key which I appreciate.  They've been getting better and better at each race and we were so proud when David finished the whole thing last race after not being able to the first two races!

Happy baby loves a swing (hence that birthday gift the boys made for him!)


And loves playing in the grass and discovering all the new things.  Also doesn't mind wearing 14 year old hand me downed hats.  (Was 2002 really that long ago??)

Michael and David are both playing baseball this year and David lives up to his namesake.  He is small but fierce.  Seriously, he is like the tiniest thing out there but he more than makes up for it in his enthusiasm.  It's hysterical.  He dives at each base whether or not the ball is anywhere near him.

We've also reached the stage with this one of diaper changes being a wrestling match.  I grab the closest thing I can to give him something to distract from grabbing parts or writhing away.  Last change I grabbed this Mary statue I got in Africa that was nearby and kissed it and handed it to him.  He then started kissing her, too <3 


For Mother's Day I asked that if possible the boys and Brian mulch the front and side beds.  That's all I really wanted and they did it for me the day before.  It was so nice and freeing to be real, just say plainly what I was hoping for, have them do it the day before, and then not have any unrealistic expectations or pressure for Mother's Day.  I don't much care for some of the ways that Mother's Day has morphed, maybe I'm a weirdo, but it was really a grace to just have it simple and to truly appreciate the gift.

Hope you're having a beautiful day!  


  1. your posting frequency has increased - you must have more time on your hands!

    these pics are all sorts of happy!

    1. Yeah, I don't know how but somehow I'm getting little tiny pockets of time...and also forcing myself not to overthink things and just post!

  2. Our lilac bush FINALLY bloomed this year (we bought it like 6 years ago!) and I was so happy- there's nothing I like better than the smell of lilacs in the spring! Also, your beds looks awesome- I think I need your crew to come over to my house! ;)

  3. You're little guy in overalls makes me excited to pull out my baby boy clothes again :)


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