Pope Francis' Message to Families in Mexico

I read the Holy Father's address to the Mexican people yesterday and his words spoke right to my heart.  They are just so beautiful and my heart kinda did a little leap when I read them.  I had to share some of my favorite parts here and I really really encourage you to read the whole thing here.  

(And I made some images with my favorite quotes from the talk.  Please feel free to share them any which way.  This message of hope for families and marriages and for the world needs to be spread.  Many people only hear the media's curated reports and never get to hear when he shares these kind of messages of true hope and challenge.)

"I believe that this is what the Holy Spirit always wants to do in our midst: to put a new heart into us, giving us reasons to keep on taking risks as a family, dreaming and building a life that has this sense of home, of family."

"When everything seemed lost that afternoon in the Garden of Eden, God the Father put a new heart into that young couple and told them that everything was not lost."

"There is a kind of uncertainty which can be very dangerous, which can creep in surreptitiously it is the uncertainty born of solitude and isolation.  And isolation is always a bad counsellor."

"I prefer a wounded family that makes daily efforts to put love into play, to a family or society that is sick from isolationism and habitually afraid of love.  I prefer a family that makes repeated efforts to begin again, to a family or society that is narcissistic and obsessed with luxury and comfort.  'How many children do you have?' 'No, we don't have children because, of course, we like to go on vacations, be tourists, I want to buy myself a house in the country.' Luxury and comfort...and children get left behind.  And when you want to have a child, your time already passed.  What damage this does, eh?  I prefer a family with tired faces from generous giving, to faces with makeup that know nothing of tenderness and compassion."

"I prefer wrinkled families, with wounds, with scars, but that continue going forward because these wounds, these scars, these wrinkles are the fruit of fidelity in a love that was not always easy.  Love isn't easy.  It isn't easy.  No. But the most beautiful thing that a man and a woman can give each other is true love, for a lifetime."


  1. These are really beautiful quotes. Thank you for sharing.

  2. So beautiful!! Thank you for sharing these! I don't think I would have ever read his words to Mexican families otherwise!

  3. oh that last one. that last one. I was thinking this morning about how hard love is in a spousal relationship. SO. HARD. But such an opportunity for grace.

  4. These are beautiful and exactly what I needed to read today. I have shared with my sweet friends and family. Thank you.

  5. This is wonderful! Yes, thank you for making more Pope Francis images that we can share. Such wisdom should be trumpeted through social media!


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