These Months in Boys - Winter 2016

-a monthly seasonal recap of some of the things I just don't want to forget-

I'm sure the internet was rocked by the passing of not one but two months without a boy update.  Which was part intentional and part just life.  With these boys growing, the internet being what it is, and the scope of this blog changing, I'm figuring out just what is good for sharing.  So, for now at least, the updates will be more seasonal.  Besides, I have a hard enough time some days remembering to brush my teeth let alone chronicling memories.  So there's that, too ;)

John Paul

-is full on intent on this medieval war tactics and weaponry stuff.  Mom is trying to be interested and semi-supportive.

-in lieu of that is currently obsessing over making model chain mail.

-performed Sonatina in C Major (III) for the recital at the university.

-is a big fan of the "King of Random" videos on YouTube.

-is going through a long shirt under short sleeves fad.  (Topped, of course, by his Aragorn tunic.)

-was QUITE excited that Mama and Papa finally deemed it okay to begin watching the original Star Wars trilogy in the evenings with Michael.

- received (what else but) an Aragorn figure as his special Christmas ornament from us for the year.


-played Honeybee in his first official recital at the university.

-is determined to get stronger in the basement gym.  He can do all sorts of flips on the trapeze.

-loves to color.

-is a boy who loves him some structure and clear direction.  He abhors decision making (just like his mom).

-is so very excited to serve at the cathedral some day.  Every week at our parish he runs back to the sacristy early to see if they need any servers.  When we were at the Jubilee opening Mass at the cathedral he Communion line hopped so he could receive straight from the bishop.

-feels pretty awesome about getting the privilege of watching Star Wars.  It has now been chosen as the theme for his upcoming birthday.

-received a piano ornament from us in honor of his first year learning to play.


-won at his first solo game of Ticket to Ride.

-is by far my most fidgety/tactile child so far.  During reading or Rosary he is twisting or somersaulting or squirming or upside down and his workbooks are filled with doodles and curled corners.

-made gift after gift for us during Christmas.  Sometimes cardboard ornaments, sometimes rewrapped perler bead projects, sometimes just a little note wrapped up.  It was so sweet.

-swings like a monkey on the ropes in the basement.  It's hilarious.

-loves to help make lunch.

-is very often found lately on the floor in the laundry room surrounded by construction paper, cardboard, tape, and the glue gun working hard on another project.

-got a Narnia wardrobe ornament this year that just lit up his face when he opened it.


-turned four!

-always always always wants to play a game.

-exclaimed happily one day, "I wish I loved cheese...and I do!"

-has been giving unprompted "I love you's" to us and after sometimes initial shyness will warm right up to pretty much anyone.

-has been uncharacteristically helpful the last couple of weeks.  Deciding on his own to do chores or help his brothers.

-upon receipt of a gifted dime:  "Look, they wrote Luke on it for me!"
"Actually, that says 'liberty.'"
"Oh!  They wrote liberty on it!  Because they know how much I love liberty!!"

-in his half hearted apologies to Ben when being overly loving or careless:  "Sorry Booper Dopper Dooper Doppers."

-arguing about a portion dispute:  "No, this isn't my third!  This is my twoth."

-was gifted a chess ornament for the tree.


-has somehow picked up the nicknames Boops, Bopper, Booper, Boopalicious, Benadoodle, Booptronamous, and whatever other nonsense pops out of our mouths when we talk to him.

-has two teeth!  Our earliest teether yet.

-is scooting forwards and planking.  And thankfully, not officially crawling.  Yet.  He's also juuuust beginning to learn to clap!

-tried a small bit of pear sauce, bone broth, carrot, and sourdough bread.  He's just not that into any of it yet.  He did, however, somehow manage to swallow the miniature priest vestment from the new Lego Mass kit.  I KNOW.  I have no idea how when he gags at the slightest bit of real food even near his mouth.  It was found the next day unscathed (save the obvious) in a messy diaper.  Thank you, guardian angel.  First swallowed food?  Miniature priest vestments.  Can we interpret something in that?

-got sick twice in the past month.  He was so sad but tried to be happy.  And now he's been up every couple of hours at night.  Because that's how babies do.

-will try to love attack you with a squeal as he buries himself into your neck (copying what we do to him constantly!) and it's pretty much the sweetest thing ever.

-almost every time you hold him in the air above your head will air swim.

-in honor of tradition got to make his handprint ornament for his first family Christmas ornament.

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