A Winter Woodland Baby Shower

My sister is having a baby next month!!!!

I have five sisters, three older and two younger.  One brother, too!  My older sisters all have children but this is the first time that a little sister is pregnant and it feels different somehow, especially since this baby feels like a little miracle baby.  Just one month shy of being officially certified to foster and maybe adopt, they found out this sweet one was on her way!  They have been so open to God's will for them and their family in their six years of marriage and it's been amazing to see Him work.  They still plan to foster and hopefully adopt but God apparently wanted to give them this little baby first!  We've all been so excited to meet this little girl and this past weekend we got to throw a baby shower for her.

Since the baby is coming in February and December is a crazy time for most, January became our only option.  We ended up deciding on a winter woodland theme which fit well with both the season and the new mom and dad's personality.  They love to camp and be outdoors and will probably be taking their new little girl on many a hike and camping trip!

My sisters and mom all worked on it together and it was so much fun to plan and host!

The main table spread.  A simple wintery rustic cake and yes, a s'mores bar!

We went with a soup buffet with a simple salad and bread for the lunch.  We felt like that fit the theme while being cost effective and being something a group of ladies would actually enjoy for lunch.

Isn't that garland sweet?  My other younger sister made yards of it for all the main tables.

We had mulled wine, hot coffee...

and a little hot chocolate bar!

I loved this theme because the decor was rustic and simple and beautiful.  Plus, so much of it we were able to find outside (or off our Christmas trees) for free!  My one sister lives on a huge plot of land and brought all sorts of greenery with her.

That same sister had the idea of having little pictures of some of the saints that we feel were a part of bringing this long awaited little baby into being.  I thought that was a beautiful idea to thank and honor them and continue to pray for my sister and little one.  My mom had been praying for years to Our Lady of Lourdes for them.  We also both prayed for them at the shrine of the Madonna of Childbirth in Rome.

St. Brigid - patron of newborns, midwives, and the new mama's name saint!

The Little Flower

St. Anne - patroness of infertility and my sister's middle name saint!
We also had St. Gerard patron of expectant mothers represented.

The favors were beautiful tea light holders made by my brother in law.  He works in tree removal and has access to good branches and made them all!  He was able to use birch which looks so pretty! 

Each candle has a tag asking people to please light the candle and say a prayer for the new parents and their baby girl when they hear the news that the baby is born.  There was a similar favor at my baby shower so very long ago and I really loved the idea of it.

And an invitation to leave a message to be placed in an album for the baby.
We also played two little games, one a 'name the baby animal' quiz and the other a 'name the baby' contest with only names using letters from mom and dad's names.  The winners got a potted flower.

I'm so very excited to meet this little girl and just so grateful that God has given this blessing to our family.  I'm so glad we were able to officially celebrate her this way!

And now I'm going to beg my readers for some prayers for my sister and her baby.  Please say a prayer for a beautiful, simple, healthy birth for the two of them.  I know many of you understand how formative that first birth experience is for women (and families!) and I want so much for them to have a good experience.  I know I can count on you to pray for that for them and I'm so grateful!  Thank you!

Saints Brigid, Anne, Therese, Gerard, and Our Lady of Childbirth and Lourdes, please pray for them!


  1. Everything looks so beautiful. I wish I could have been there.

    We sponsored a little girl from Uganda last week named Bridget - when I look at her picture, I am reminded to pray for Bridget and her baby.

  2. That looks so lovely! I will be praying

  3. The theme is such a peaceful one. Every picture looked quiet, thoughtful and restful. I especially love the idea of honoring all the saints you prayed to for your sister. This was such a beautiful post. We had four babies and then we adopted two and then we had one more. It has been a great adventure! I will pray for your sister and her new family.

  4. How beautiful! What a charming, elegant way to celebrate your sister and her baby. I'm sure everyone loved it.

  5. Mary,
    So very, very thrilled to hear your sister has been blessed with a baby after years of infertility. Oh so giddy!!
    You come from a strong family of Faith! :-)
    Will be delighted to pray for your sister, b-i-l and baby

  6. This theme is so fun. I love the soup, salad, s'more idea! I'll be praying for them as the time approaches.

  7. This is just beautiful!! Lots of love and prayers for them.

  8. So pinnable, Mary! ;) It's the perfect vibe for a wintry afternoon get-together as well.

  9. What a beautiful baby shower! Everything looks amazing! So happy for your sister, b-i-l and the rest of the family! Will be sending up prayers!

  10. So beautiful- so many lovely, thoughtful touches!

  11. All so magical and lovely! I love all the details! The decor was perfect! Continued prayers for your sister and her daughter :)


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