The Luke Turns Four

Life is full right now and these are the absolute worst photos in all of the internet (more or less) but The Luke needs the big b-day that he's been counting down to for months officially blogged or else the mom guilt will eat me alive.  So here they are in all their weirdly colored unglory.  On Sunday (see also:  St. Lucy's Day and Gaudete Sunday) the Luke turned the big oh-four.  And I'm thrilled, probably even more so than he is.  I don't right now mind this one getting just a little bit older and maybe just a little less cray.  We love him to death but four years old is a really fun age and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing a little more of who this kid is.

We woke to St. Lucy bread, went to the cathedral for the Jubilee Year of Mercy opening Mass, came home to decorate the tree, and then did some birthdaying.

Michael and David made him a puzzle :)

And John Paul made him a mini checkers set.

Do we sense a theme?  The boy loves him some games.

I was very deeply grateful that the birthday boy decided he'd prefer ice cream sundaes over a super intricate theme cake.  And I only slightly prodded him in that direction ;)  If you ask him he'll tell you "vanilla ice cream is my favorite" and that worked perfectly.  So homemade pizza dinner was followed by a decadent sundae bar.

He must take after me.  I'll take a customized sundae any day over cake.

I totally softened the ice cream into a cake-ish sort of dish so at least we could have the candles :)

Love you, my sweet crazy little ox, and I'm glad we get to celebrate you.  Can't wait to see who you are as four.


  1. Happy birthday, Luke! And now I want ice cream!

  2. Happy birthday Luke! He's a cutie! You make everything so special for your family, love the sundae setup :)

  3. Happy birthday Luke! He's a cutie! You make everything so special for your family, love the sundae setup :)

  4. Happy Birthday Luke! Looks like a fun, special day in many ways.

    John Paul looks so different with longer hair!

  5. Happy Birthday! I think it's the name - my Lucas (who will be 9 in Feb?!) is a bit crazy as well.

    Is that Qwirkle I spy? We L.O.V.E.!! this game.

    Many blessings for the birthday boy from Massachusetts


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