O Come, Wisdom

O Wisdom, O holy Word of God, you govern all creation 
with your strong yet tender care.  
Come and show your people 
the way to salvation.

Today begins the O Antiphons in the Evening Prayer of the Church meaning that Christmas, His coming, is almost here and soon.  From December 17-23, the evening antiphon contains a calling out of one of the ancient names of the messiah, begging Him to come more fully.

Today is Wisdom.

It's one of the few things Scripture guarantees us if we pray for it.

If any of you is lacking in wisdom, ask God, who gives to all generously and ungrudgingly, and it will be given you.
James 1:5

Throughout the Word of God it is lauded and extolled.  Over and over and over.  We are told to seek wisdom unceasingly and that wisdom is better than jewels and that nothing else we desire can compare with it (Psalm 51).

That's because it IS Him.

Paul teaches in Corinthians, reflected in today's antiphon, that Christ IS wisdom.

In the Incarnation, Wisdom took on flesh.  Wisdom became man.

HE IS the wisdom for which we seek.
To seek after Wisdom means to seek after HIM.
Therefore, the truly wise are those who seek after Him and in doing so become more and more like Wisdom Himself.  

The measure of our wisdom will be the measure to which we resemble Him.

I want to know things.  I long to understand His ways and His designs.  I love learning more and more about why things are the way they are and more of how He created it all to be.  That is good.  This desire to know (I think) pleases Him provided it comes from a pure heart.

And yet what I must remember is that far above knowing things is knowing HIM.  
True wisdom is not merely a something, it is a someone.

May we pray for wisdom and know that in doing so we are praying for more of Him.
Lord, grant us wisdom.  Grant us You.
Come, Wisdom.

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