Homemade Wooden Baby Play Table (to fit a Bumbo)

Okay, last gift post, I promise.  Then we're on to other well planned out and deeply insightful topics and posts.  Or not.  You know I'm just winging it all here, right?  Like all those blogging advice sites say ;)

I just adore what the boys and Brian came up with to give to the Ben babe for his first Christmas.  This one was Brian's idea and it is just so sweet.  Over the last few years we've gotten rid of a lot of the excess baby equipment and gadgets and have happily made do without.  It's so freeing to not feel like you need to have this or that thing for this tiny portion of baby's life when it actually applies!  But sometimes those things really are so useful and handy to have!  We got our first Bumbo seat as a super thoughtful gift from Colleen and it's been a huge help!  We've been using it bunches the last few months.  For Christmas, Brian brainstormed the idea of making a little play table with the older boys that could fit around the seat as a gift for Ben.

 Isn't it awesome?
They all helped with building the actual base and then they were each in charge of making one of the toys on the table!

Michael made the wire track (that's a coat hanger wire) and Luke's job was the bead spinner in the back (obviously with help).

David had the triple bead spinner in the corner and Brian made the stand up spinny thing.

John Paul made the string of beads in the front.

The table base is leftover wood from house projects.  The other little pieces were from (safe) pallets well sanded.  He had to buy the dowel for the legs.  Everything is glued in rather than screwed.   It measures 25" wide, 15 1/2" deep, and 8" tall.  The individual boards are 5 1/2" x 3/4".  He just used the Bumbo to eye it and make sure it would fit.  The beads we had on hand in the craft cabinet and were rarely used.  Not sure how officially baby safe they are material wise but certainly not worse than most plastic or painted baby toys.  (And yes, we keep an eye on the security of the beads.)

It is just ridiculously cute to see him sitting at it and playing with it!

We call it his desk and he looks like a little business man sitting down to his work :)

While I have yet to capture that one perfect shot of him using it, 74 blurry and/or dark photos sitting on my flash drive will have to be enough to prove that he does, in fact, love his first big Christmas gift :) 


  1. Such a great idea! He does look like a little professional sitting there.

  2. Total business man!! Great job, Haseltine guys!

  3. Fantastic! and look at that smile on his face!!

  4. Mary- these gifts have been SO FREAKING ADORABLE and creative. What fun for Christmas this year. Also, Ben is 'stop you in your tracks' adorable.

  5. Can he be any cuter?? Awesome job guys!

  6. I wanna trade desk jobs with him :) You guys really are so clever and creative!

  7. This is AMAZING! Do you have any plans with measurements? I've never done any woodwork but this seems like a good first project? And so adorable and smart!

    1. Hi Sandra! I just measured and it's 25" wide, 15 1/2" deep, and 8" tall. The boards he used are 5 1/2" by 3/4". He just used the actual Bumbo while he was building it to make sure it would fit well. I'll add that to the post :)


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