Seven Cranky Takes

Today has been a can't-shake-the-blahs sort of day.  I'm just plain 'ol grumpy.  Life is good and I am blessed, yes.  Many yeses.  But just gonna go ahead and present to you in quick take form my cranky pants post.  We'll call it a release.  That sounds more therapeutic, I think.  

Ben is on the other end of his first little cold.  It was a breeze viral-wise - just a little stuffyish nose and no throat stuff.  He's stayed almost always his happy elf self.  BUT it's messed with his sleep and he's been up every couple of hours.  The first few nights it was because he couldn't breathe well but now it's just because.  So that means I'm not sleeping well and for me sleep deprivation flicks the cranky switch.  

I had that dream last night where my husband is killed in a car accident in Quebec and yet I still have to go to math class.  Then I have to go tell all my family what happened while we're swimming in some unfamiliar backyard pool.  I hate when you wake up and are confused about what's real or not and the emotion of the dream stays with you for a good few hours.  Didn't help that when I did wake up Brian wasn't there.  He was in the boys' bedroom because the Luke was having a hard time sleeping. 

When I did finally get up Ben was awake with me so I had to half asleep bring him downstairs.  He just lays happily on the floor while I try to pray but there's still something different about being totally alone and the only one up in the house and having someone up with you.  My coffee tasted pretty weak but I was too tired to think much about it.  A few hours later I had a light headache and could barely keep my eyes open during a reading lesson.  Come to figure out that I hadn't put in my three scoops of regular with my three scoops of decaf (I know.  Lightweight = me.).  So not only was it watered down coffee but it was totally watered down decaf coffee.  Remedied that mistake pronto.

Our porch is still unfinished.  It took over three months for the wood to get in and now we are on a crazy time crunch to get it all done before the cold and possible snow (eep!) come.  It's been wet the last few weekends and there's been too much going on during the week to get any work done on it.  It's stressing me out.  I have a very low tolerance for unfinished house projects, especially when it's one that has a time crunch tacked on and it's not like we have zero other things to do, too, you know???

Our chickens either haven't been laying or something is taking their eggs.  They were low on food for a few days but we supplemented with other stuff and I don't think they would all just strike that long all together.  So I'm now thinking something is taking them.  Which makes me all sorts of cranky mad.  And hungry.

Today's another rainy day.  I feel like we haven't done anything with this fall yet and before we know it it'll be gone.  Also we have five kids.  That's kind of feeling like a lot lately.  Dinner is loud, conversations are loud, the kids are doing normal kid quibbling, and sometimes it just feels like a lot.  I don't do loud well.  There's a whole crazy lot of love and I wouldn't trade it for anything except for maybe the same exact people being a whole lot quieter and more agreeable, ya know?   

In an attempt to redeem this blah-ish day I did manage to cobble together a batch of peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with the Luke.  I'm not sure they're helping much (and will probably backfire if the chocolate affects the baby) but I tried.  If you count eating approximately half the dough as trying.  

Here's to grace and prayer and offering it up and a few hours til bedtime and FRIDAY.

Ahem.  Enough about me and my are YOU???

The ones that survived the hangry dough sacrifice.


  1. I'm super cranky today too and I don't know why. Hope your day starts looking up, yummy cookies!

  2. I'm cranky too. Wanna post the recipe? :)

    1. Hmm…maybe! I just kinda made it up based on my normal chocolate chip recipe.

  3. Might I make a dad, who is a degreed animal scientist/nutritionist was sent to buy chicken feed for my sister's chickens who were not laying worth a darn (Texas). He came back with horse feed instead which is much higher in protein and their little problem was solved. So if it turns out they're not laying, try that!

    1. Never heard of that! I'll run it by the husband and maybe try!

  4. The same people being quieter and more agreeable - hilarious. I think that captures a Mom's feelings toward her kids perfectly. We have four kids three and under and wow...the level of din... Hope your weekend allows recovery from the week!

  5. Ugh- thats a lot to be cranky about. I totally feel you on the dream thing. It's such a bummer when that happens.
    Also- I have a low tolerance for unfinished projects too, which is why we never start them 'round these parts. #myhouseisinshambles

  6. Do you have a light on in the chicken coop? Chickens are light sensitive and as the days get shorter it will trigger them to stop laying, If you dont use artificial light they will stop. Its natural Cant hatch baby chicks in the winter why lay the eggs!

    1. We're in northwest Ohio and I noticed my egg count had dropped significantly a couple weeks ago and put the light on they are slowly getting back to normal

    2. We do normally keep the light on much of the winter…I guess we should try that! Maybe we're just in denial that it's already October! :P


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