Lemon Blueberry Cake for Our Lady's Nativity

Schools began today around these parts and along with that so did our little homeschool study center. So this morning was spent there trying to keep the little two happy while the older three went to their few classes.  John Paul and Michael are both taking two classes and David three.  We were even able to get there in time for Mass for the feast day!  Five kids at Mass all on my own like a boss.  Except not.  The older three were fine but I spent the forty five minutes trying not to pass out from Moby wrapped heat exhaustion while doing the Mass wrangle with The Luke.  Oh my goodness.  So hot this week.  It's been hitting ninety and the humidity has been out of control.  It's been sticky nursing, steamy baby holding, sweating while sleeping, everyone's a little grumpier type of weather.  But I'll be hankerin' for a taste of this come January so I'm trying to not be too cranky about it all.

The heat didn't stop us from turning the oven on and making a birthday cake for Our Lady.  Because we be super Catholic crazy and the recipe looked delicious and the boys were volunteering to help with it.  In hindsight not sure why I didn't just pick a lemon blueberry ice cream cake.  Or an otherwise birthday-ey Mary-esque dessert.  But I guess I got sucked into the delicious and beautiful pics of this one and we have about seven million blueberries in our freezer and I got into my characteristic MUST DO THIS NOW zone that I do.    

So I did what I do and in honor of the Nativity of the BVM, I present:
(with leftover cream cheese frosting I rescued from the freezer)

Blue and gold are traditionally associated with Mary so I figured a lemon blueberry something would be right up her alley.  We used it to celebrate last night at a family picnic as we said goodbye to summer and Grandma's pool til next year.  

Someone want to come clean out my oven??  No?  Not appealing??

I tried to get a picture of a slice after it was cut and dropped my phone right smack into it.  Which made me laugh because I totally deserved it for trying to be one of those fancy food picture taking people. 
The cake was good.  Was hoping it would come out a little fluffier, though.  (And I really promise we didn't over mix it.  I'll blame John Paul.  He measured out the flour.)  Next time I might increase the lemon and blueberries for a bit more flavor.  

Happy birthday, Mary.  
I'm pretty darn glad you were born.  Cuz, you know, salvation and all.
Please help us give our own little fiats to the Father in whatever it is He asks us to do - as humble or grandiose it may be.


  1. It's beautiful. I am glad you could laugh with dropping your phone. I love th creativity of using the lemon peel. Well done!

  2. The cake was beautiful and so delicious! Thank you for sharing it with us! Happy Birthday Mother Mary!

  3. Mary~
    But you ARE one of those fancy food bloggers!! Are you kidding--your pics in general are amazing.
    Love this...the cake, the idea, perfect!
    We had a blue iced heart shaped cake last night as well to celebrate. I love Sept 8!
    My son was due on Christmas Eve......he was born on Dec 16. If he was a girl we planned to name him Mary! No dice though. No girls to give the name to!

    I know--the heat!! Insane. We downstate...on LI and it's so uncomfortable. We have no AC either.
    Thanks...awesome post.


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