Some Life 'Round Here…and a Thank You


I'm pretty sure my cheeks have finally lost the red after yesterday's birthday hijack.  I can't believe he pulled that off and I'm still a bit thrown off by it all and trying not to be incredibly awkward about it all.  But your words were so kind and I thank you so much.  There are many many days I lose my confidence or just the motivation to write and I think about giving up this space here, especially in these last few newborn months of posts written only in my head and never making it to the keyboard.  Life has been so busy.  There's also a whole lot of times when the openness and vulnerability of sharing here gets a little scary.  But I'll keep on plugging along, I guess, and just trust that people assume the best and know how the different seasons of life can throw a lady off.  Your love and words mean so much and it was a wonderful day.  Thank you!!  

Let's share just a few moments from life around here, shall we?  Things have been crazy and wonderful and chaotic and blessed.  I'm looking forward to regaining some sense of rhythm and routine now that the Ben is a whole three months (!!!) and lessons and fall are around the corner.  But I think I can say I've grown a lot in just accepting the crazy goodness of life with five littles.  (ALL grace, by the way.  Still working on the messiness of it all.)  The air has been cooler the last few days and with it comes an eager anticipation of a return to routine and figuring out how to fit in all the things God puts on this little cracked plate.  


We have been blessed with an abundant harvest of pears again!  Last year was sad sad sad with only one pear.  But this year there are thousands.

Just two of these crates were enough to can 40 quarts!  And there's probably dozens of crates' worth left on the trees.

(If you want some of my pear canning tips, click on over here.)

We also crowned Our Lady for the Coronation (or rather, ahem, a day late).  We like to do our crowning for that feast rather than in May.  May is kinda busy and the Coronation sort of makes more sense, doesn't it?  I wonder if May was picked because that's when kids are in school and/or spring is starting?  I mean, I know it's one of her months but the Coronation is the whole celebration of that crowning.  So that's what we do.


And, as per the usual the last three months, there's been a lot of Ben adoration.  I can't even put into words how amazing it is to see all of us just go nuts over this little guy.  And it doesn't get old.  And he soaks it up and showers you with smiles and coos and oh my, it is pure joy.

Even Luke has become a softie.

These two are buddies.  Michael gets the squeeze on him and it is so funny.

And I have to share another glimpse (in the daylight) of that cake from yesterday.  I learned that Brian and John Paul worked on this for the last three weeks on the nights when I was at my women's group.  They Youtubed the tutorial and everything.  I can't believe they were able to do it without me knowing a thing.  I know everything around here.  Also, why have I been the one making all the cakes?!?!?

It is huge and rich and we will be nibbling peanut butter chocolate cheesecake for the next seven months, I think.

I'm just trying to picture my husband frosting all of these and it makes me laugh.

I also got treated to birthday dinner at a local pub!

We are that family that gets waters for all the kids and fill them up with snacks before we leave so they can all share a plate of appetizers and the free peanuts come dinner time.  But we tip well ;)


Gifts from boys…

Along with all the work making that cake, John Paul gifted me with this :)

From David and Luke.  Because my children know my love for all things neon and plastic ;)  I'm fairly certain part of that gift from Luke of eight whole perler bead creations is the hours he spent quietly making them.  The boy can focus on making those really well!  Michael's gift for me was leading a novena for me with the brothers and Brian the last nine days.  Is that not the sweetest thing you've ever heard or what?  


This boy is officially three months and has been working hard on finding his hands.  It is hysterical and amazing all at once to watch him figure it all out.  

So now a whole lot of my photos look like this.  Like he's ready to make an obscene gesture, devour them, or fight you.  That middle picture cracks me up.

And today is the feast of St. Monica!  

I love this quote and the confidence it gives us as mothers (spiritual or biological) of the power of our prayers.  They are never ever in vain.

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Happy Thursday and hey, thank you again.


  1. You hace an awesome family. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Happy belated, Mary! I hope you had a really great day!

  3. The cake is IMPRESSIVE! What a great kid and an even greater husband to love you so much to attempt it. I hope you had a grand day.

  4. Mmmm, my mouth is watering again, and the cake is even prettier in the sunlight. Wish I could make such a pretty cake--and I'll bet it is delicious! And the pears! and that sweet baby! Thanks for all your pictures--adds a smile to my day. (-:

  5. Delicious cake! Beautiful boys! Thank you for the quote from the Confessions--so beautiful.


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