This Month in Boys - July 2015

-a monthly recap of some of the things I just don't want to forget-

John Paul

-turned 11!
(Party was postponed due to rain but hopefully they'll be pics soon.)
-has taken said party planning very seriously.  Games, piñata, snacks, cake, colors…all very theme oriented.
-finished the baseball season.  I love watching him play but it's also nice to be done now.
-(while discussing cake choices for upcoming birthdays…the boys usually pick some sort of theme that they're into)
Me:  So what kind of cake should I have for my birthday?
John Paul:  (thinking…)  A cleaning rag?
-was allowed to get a 48 inch sword using his chore-earned money.  Because crazy parents.  It's ridiculously huge but it's Anduril, Mama!
-has crazy hair.  At his pleas, it is longer than it's ever been before and he wants it "wild."  I'm torn on whether to keep letting him grow it out.  It's one of those battles I'm not sure it's worth fighting but he looks so much nicer with a short cut!  His hair is probably three or four times thicker than mine.  Not fair.
-got a new (to him) bike for his birthday.  Multiple gears and all.
-has a two inch long light birthmark on the front middle of his right shin and a tiny little Cindy Crawfore-esque "beauty mark" just diagonal from his left corner of his mouth.


-by the end of the baseball season was hitting at almost every up to bat.
-spent a chunk of his chore-earned money to buy a remote control car and batteries.  He was SO excited to get it in the mail.
-was overheard in the van telling John Paul, "One time I was really hungry during Mass and then when I received the Eucharist I wasn't hungry anymore.  It's not really a miracle but it's kind of a miracle."
-any time he newly sees Ben, must turn on his super sweet "Ben voice" and give him a kiss.
-has been running a sporadic lemonade and egg stand outside the house with his brothers.  He bought the lemonade himself and is actually raking in a good chunk of money!
-is reading for fun more and more.  I let him borrow a few Magic Treehouse books and they were the perfect skill level for him.  (I was kinda torn on the series after reading the first book years ago.  Wasn't impressed by the way the siblings treated each other but right now I decided that that smaller negative is worth getting him excited to read.  Any feedback welcome!)
-has been hoarding bottle caps to make a bottle cap snake.
-has been asking to lead a decade of the Rosary when we pray.  I love it.
-is so so thin.  The past few years he's been eating a lot more but you'd never know it.  Sometimes I'm afraid I'll break him if I hug him too hard!
-doesn't have any discernible birthmarks (I could've sworn there used to be one!) but does still have those few small patches on his face that don't tan as much as the rest.


-has been forgoing the swimmies in the pool and attempting to teach himself to swim!  He's ridiculously cute to watch.
-after John Paul got his new bike and everyone got an upgrade, put his training wheels back on his former bike, "gifted" it to Luke, and began teaching him to ride.
-along with Luke and Michael has an affinity for collecting air soft pellets.  I don't even know where they get them but they keep multiplying.  And keep getting vacuumed.
-can mostly read but I don't think he knows it yet.
-has also been asking to lead a decade.  It makes it SO much more doable when more kids are on board!
-along with Michael keeps track of which flowers are blooming or ready to bloom in the yard.
-doesn't have any discernible birthmarks but still has those moon eyes <3


-Brian:  Did you apologize to Mama for fussing on the way out?
Luke:  I slowed down fussing while we were driving…(pause)... but then I fussed back on up again.
-contrary to what behavioral evidence would suggest, has been incredibly gentle with Ben.  I love seeing him kiss him and sweet talk to him.
-started riding the two wheeler (with training wheels)
-Luke:  (in full despair mode as Brian is pulling the van back into the garage) PAPA!!  WHERE ARE YOU GOING???
Me:  He's just pulling van back in, don't worry.
Luke:  Oh.  I thought he was going to another state.  (?)
-has a pea-sized dark birthmark on his outer left calf.  And another lighter one on the lower inside of the same leg.


Showing off the guns at the pool ;)

-has become a pretty chill baby.  He only really fusses if something is wrong or he needs something and is easily soothed.  It's awesome.
-smiles and coos and oh my goodness, it lights up my world.  I heart this stage so so much.  You look at him and he just breaks out into the biggest grin like you are the best thing he has EVER seen.
-for now has dark blue-gray eyes.  
-did the thing that almost all our babies do and lost most of his front hair.  Total baby receding hair line, though within a few days it had already started growing back.  He kept the rest including the sweet patch right on top that's a couple inches long.  I love it.  
-is sleeping much better at night and wakes about two times a night and then is usually wanting to get up at 6:30 or so.  Though I still haven't gotten back to my beloved morning prayer time, I'll take it.
-doesn't, however, sleep well when we're out.  If the car stops or we're out somewhere, he's most likely awake.
-has taken a total of three baths in his life.  I should probably do that again.
-has a barely there quarter-size birthmark on his left inside shin.

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