Peonies, Pennants, Placentas, and the Pursuit of Peace


Our peonies are finally blooming!  This is the most we've had since we moved here and despite three days of rain and wind, they haven't completely given up yet.

We even have a few buds that haven't bloomed yet.


Right now our women's group is reading Abandonment to Divine Providence.  It takes a bit of focus to read but I have to say, I really really like it.  It's challenging me to find each moment as His will and embrace it as such.  Basically to quit complaining or telling God what *I* think should be happening and finding peace in what the present moment holds, even when it's crazy hard.  Ahem.  I'm, um...working on it ;)

Just before Ben was born I finished the one and only baby knitting project I worked on.  And it was mostly to use up yarn and have something for my hands to do at the boys' baseball games.  I just haven't had the knitting bug as much as usual this past year or so.  But I've done this Milo vest a few times before and it's a fun pattern.  According to my sources, this color can pass for a masculine gray and isn't as purple as I thought.  I did it in the 6 month size for winter use.

Speaking of yarn work, see what Theresa made us?!?  How cute is this crocheted bunting??  She has such an eye for color and I just love it.  (And it came with dinner which was doubly generous!)

Once the baby moon is over, I'll have to figure out the best place to hang it…for now it's right smack dab in the living room over our little crib and making me happy.


One more crafty thing…remember that knit uterus and placenta project I was working on?
I abandoned it for a while because I couldn't quite figure out how to do the cord and I just didn't feel like working on it.   I have no idea if and when I will get back to doulaing and will be able to use this for prepping my couples for the birth process but unfinished projects haunt me and I decided to finally get it done.  

So here's the finished placenta and umbilical cord!  I just did two long i-cords, twisted them around each other and tacked them sort of in place with yarn and an embroidery needle.  It's not perfect…but neither are most real cords so there's that.  Now I just need a soft doll to attach it to that can fit through my plastic pelvis :)  Filed under:  Weirdo crafty things that make crunchy knitting birthy folk smile.


This post brought to you by finally sleeping baby.  Thank you, Lord.


  1. I love that crocheted bunting! So creative!
    Glad your sweet boy is finally sleeping for you!

  2. Good alliteration! love the peonies. I only got 3 blooms this year from 4 plants.

  3. Love all your pictures! The umbilical cord and placenta is so awesome! How creative! John Paul always takes a picture of each of our kids' placentas at their birth! The bunting is so cute as well.

  4. Congratulations on the new baby!! Love the knitted bunting! Sometimes when I read Abandonment to Divine Providence, I wonder...."Can he read my mind?" it is that practical and good......difficult, of course, but good.

  5. Oh wow, great post -- love the placenta! Seriously, everyone forgets about it, including EMTs on the roadside ("oh, right, don't cut the cord, placenta's coming..." -- as happened to a friend who had an emergency birth on the side of the road -- fortunately her 6th so she knew what to do :)
    I think it's a great teaching tool, and the cord looks awesome!
    Thanks for joining!


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