Life in the Crazy

As much as I would love the rest of the world to shut down while we go and have a baby and my secret desire is to close the doors and windows and all hunker down for a few weeks while the rest of the world waits, it's come to my attention that that, doesn't happen.  Especially when you have other children.  Even more especially when you have your baby in May.  Because that's when ALL the things are happening.  It's a lovely time of year but it's a crazy time of year and the last few weeks have been no exception.  Just trying to get a few moments to write a simple little memory post like this has taken me three days.

Physically I feel mostly great.  Normal newborn exhausted but it's always such a physical relief to me to not be pregnant anymore.  I'm healing well and it's nice to recognize my ankles again and feel somewhat normal and not ridiculously heavy and weary.  Actually, I won't understate it.  It's really nice.

Brian goes back to work today after being blessed with time off to help here at home.  Always the post baby reality check, right?  But at the very least it's summer now so I can try to let standards slide a bit and not get too stressed by a lack of routine.  (Don't laugh.  I will try.)  We've been so blessed with meals brought by friends and family.  I never get over what a gift that is.  I've barely had to prepare a meal these last few weeks.  These days have been blessed and hard and crazy and very very full.  There's been work here at home and, of course, the normal day to day care and keeping of family.  There's been a trip to the park when I was desperate to get out.  There's been swimming at Grandma's, a family party, and lots of baseball games.  There's been a whole lot of re-figuring out how to do things one-handed as this little Ben babe isn't too keen being put down sometimes.  There's been a beautiful Baptism and there's also been two wakes and two funerals for people close to us.  Thank you so so much for the prayers you've offered for the friend who died so unexpectedly less than two days after Ben's birth.  Her sweet six year old son died one week later.  Please continue to pray for Margaret, Ethan, and their families.  To say it's been an emotional couple of weeks would be a bit of an understatement.  To do it all while a few days or weeks postpartum is a story in itself.

I did manage to capture a few of the happier moments of the last few weeks, thankfully, because I want to remember.  For whatever reasons, this is how this time was meant to be and I trust that it is for our ultimate good.  Even with the crazy ;)

The normal (for us) life…
The grass still needs to be mowed.  With "help," of course.

The bees still need to be tended.

And little boys still need to dress up and explore and get dirty and discover the treasures all over the backyard.

In the past few days they've found a nest of baby bunnies, frogs and tadpoles, a turtle, and this giant moth.  I love that we live somewhere they can discover things like this!

The trip to Grandma's pool...
Where we make sure we're lookin' fabulous.

The picnic dinner at the park...
I call this one, "no one gets food until you all look and smile."

The big family picnic and kickball game organized by my sister and brother-in-law, complete with jerseys for all the kids!  
They are the best.  The boys insisted on all wearing their jerseys again today.

It was so fun watching them all play together.  

And Luke was quite the entertainment running the bases no matter how often he got out.  

The baseball, too, of course…
Ben and I finally made it to the last couple of games.

This boy had an amazing game the other day.  His first home run, pitched two innings (with four strikeouts and an assisted out!), and caught the out that won the game for his team.  He earned player of the game.  It was so so fun to watch and he was so excited.  Dare I admit the tears that came when he was running home on that home run??  It was so cool.

And this boy is a joy to watch on the field and off.  His excitement and enthusiasm is just beautiful and he's learning to play like a big kid!

Even meriting player of the game himself :)

And, of course, the hours of nursing, baby gazing, and snuggling...

There's been a whole lot of those, too.
 Even if sometimes they have to happen on the run and in the crazy.  He doesn't seem to mind ;)


  1. My favorite pic of all these was all the much fun to see how much they have grown up! Can't wait to see you all next month (and swim in Grandma's pool) (and hold baby Ben)

    1. can't wait to get Sydney and Kayleigh in the picture too!!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear of your friend and her son. I must have missed the prayer request for them, but I'll definitely be praying now.

    Beautiful family pictures!

    1. I had it on my Facebook page but didn't get a chance to post anything here. Thank you so much!!

  3. Beautiful pictures and beautiful baby!! Yay for summer! :)



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