This Month in Boys - May 2015

-a monthly recap of some of the things I just don't want to forget-

John Paul

-has been watching segments of the Lord of the Rings movies in the evening after the little ones go to bed.  Total dad/son bonding time over orc beheadings and dwarf quips.
-is our current family weapon provider.  So many swords come out of that workshop in the garage.  I'm thinking I need to give him some plans for something more up my appreciation alley...
-finished his level two piano book and is moving up to level 3!
-began writing a book.  I'm not allowed to share the name or pretty much anything about it.  But I'm actually a little impressed with the beginning.  Though, I'm pretty sure he's spent more time playing around with Word formatting than actually writing.
-has just started a little foray into baking!!  This is huge and could be the start of amazing things.  His first accomplishment completed totally on his own were lemon butter tarts and at the moment of this writing he is making banana bread for our birth team.  Love him.


-is very quickly approaching John Paul's clothing size.
-has taken on the role of family police officer lately.  Ahem.
-should most definitely win sweetest most enthusiastic player award on his baseball team.  He just loves being a part of the team with zero regard for the how many plays he gets.
-is almost finished reading Charlotte's Web to me.
-decided one day after some restlessness that "I just want to dig something!" and ended up in the far backyard accompanied by his brothers just…digging.
-moved on to third grade math.
-accompanied me to the nursery to help pick out the flowers.  This one still loves all things colorful.  I loved hearing him ask about all the different plants and watching him help me load them in the truck.
-has plans to "snuggle that baby all day long" once the baby is born.

-was overheard at lunch, "we can't put the weapons in that bin because the bubbles are in there.  But BUBBLES could be weapons if we put POISON in them!!"  (Michael:  "Or ACID!")  ???  #boys #anythingsaweapon
-had to be told to stop licking his brother's back.  They were in the tub.  (Not that that makes it any less weird.)
-calls the concession stand at the baseball fields the "confession stand."  Now that would be convenient :)
-loves bringing me flowers and has been getting so excited to when each new kind blooms in the yard.
-spends a whole lot of his time attired in costume.
-along with Michael has been loving Papa reading to them from The Chronicles of Narnia at bedtime each night.


-in discussions about whether to buy a fish or two for our little pond and while all the boys were clamoring for goldfish, Luke: "I want a shark!"
-in response to John Paul pretending to be the dad, "You aren't Papa.  Do you know how Papa became our Papa?  Because he ate a ton of food."
-disappeared one morning (and seriously was barely gone a few minutes before we noticed) only to be found on the neighbor's trampoline.  Seriously, this boy.  If I weren't already gray…
-is beginning to get himself dressed in the morning.
-exclaimed one afternoon, "I saw a balded eagle and it was scary but it was awesome!"
-decided around that same time that if he could be any animal, he would want to be a "balded cheetah."
-is the first kid to wake up every morning and comes into our bed to snuggle with Papa.  And then insists on checking the weather on the phone.


  1. Ohmygoodness, this is so sweet. My favorites are the poisonous bubbles, the back licking (so something my JP would do) and becoming a dad by eating too much. Priceless. I wish I'd remember to write down the funny things my boys said! 😃

  2. I love how the boys are usually in costume! Your boys sound so sweet and and your husband must be doing a great job :)


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