A "Birthday Parties Don't Have To Be Perfect" Birthday (i.e. David Turns 6!)

I came to my senses a few weeks back and realized it wouldn't be the best idea for me to try to host a six year old birthday party at 38 weeks pregnant.  Not only might it have to be canceled anyway due to a new baby (possible, though not probable), I've cleaned and recleaned so much of the house and didn't have the energy to host guests and a meal and all the things I normally do for a birthday.  It made me feel a bit guilty and sad that I couldn't make as big a deal as normal for David's big day but you know what?  I don't think he minded one bit.

He told me a few days before his birthday, "Mama, for my birthday I really want there to be pancakes cooking when we wake up and then I'll wake up and smell pancakes and know it's my birthday and we'll come downstairs and eat them up." 

THAT I could do.  Although I'm not sure there's a six year old in the world who doesn't wake up way too early on their birthday…so part of the plan worked anyway.  He decided that he wanted the brothers to all wear red that morning.  And they did.  Because when it's your birthday you get to call the clothing shots, apparently. 

Let me just pause for a moment and pretend I'm a brilliant food photographer so I can show you my  pancakes, m'kay?  I highly recommend this recipe.  I quadrupled it and used all white whole wheat flour and it's perfect.

We decided instead of the normal house party that we'd do some small things here at home and then, since we had two baseball games on his actual birthday, we'd save the cake to celebrate with family at a park the next day.

One of his few requests was for roller skates.  The boy is so tiny.  These were the only ones I could find in almost his size that weren't the cheap plastic toddler ones and grandma generously obliged and sent them.  They're still a little big but work fine.

And from us…creatively now named David, Jr.  He's been coveting Michael, Jr. since his entrance into the family so now he's thrilled to have one of his own.  (And yes, we're okay with boys having dolls.  It helps them become good brothers and dads.)

I love watching them give each other gifts!

The older brothers scoured the dollar store for the perfect gifts, too, which if you're a six year old boy, is apparently a complex plastic straw building kit and those melt away sponge capsule thingies.

Simple pleasures.

And now onto the cake design that clearly every six year old boy would pick for his birthday…
a replica of the crest of Pope St. John Paul II


I love this quirky kid.  
Despite my attempts to persuade a pick of something a little more…normal?  Simple?  Interest-driven?  he was set so I somewhat doubtfully accepted the challenge.

And this is what happened.

Wegman's now carries a line of naturally colored sprinkles and dyes from India Tree so that's the yellow and blue.  The red is cut up pieces of strawberry fruit strip.  The outline is done in melted chocolate.

It wasn't as horrible as I thought and it made the little boy's face light up so all worth it, I suppose :)
I'm guessing St. John Paul was up there smiling at it all…

The afternoon and evening we spent at the diamonds for the games BUT ice cream for dinner made it pretty birthday worthy.

The next day (Sunday/Mother's Day) we were blessed to attend Mass at the Cathedral.  The bishop was doing a blessing of children in the womb and I'm so glad we were able to make it.  Of course, I cried.

Not the most flattering of pictures but we're here, we're all looking, and even sort of somewhat smiling so win.

And then we went to the park. 
The weather forecast was looking very spotty and changing constantly but we ventured out anyway.

Some new rubber boots.

And a sweet homemade cardboard house handmade by a cousin :)  Every house should decorate it's exterior with shells, I think.

And clothes.  Because suddenly these boys are ripping through jeans and socks like nobody's business.  

A shot with the cake while the wind picked up and the gray clouds rolled in…it ended up thunderstorming for fifteen minutes or so.  We huddled under the pavilion except for the brave few who continued to play in the rain.

And even though we couldn't get the candles to light because of the wind, it looks like someone didn't seem to mind one bit.  Mom guilt alleviated.  Because when you're turning six, apparently, pretty much all you need are a few treats, a few gifts, and a family that loves you to make it a great birthday.
And maybe a quirky cake to make it all the more perfect.


  1. That cake is amazing! And your family photo is beautiful. Happy birthday to your little guy!

  2. Your cake is gorgeous! I love it. Truly. And you can tell that he loved it too. That makes it perfect.

  3. I love that he wanted that cake. What a special soul you have been blessed with! Happy Birthday David!!

  4. Looks like a fabulous time was had by all! Happy birthday!

  5. That cake is awesome! How sweet that he picked that beautiful design for his cake! Happy birthday, David!

  6. Your cake is wonderful! Sooooo beautiful! And so beautiful that it is what he requested. And if you ask me, I'd say that it was a perfect birthday celebration!

  7. That cake is amazing! I'm so impressed!

  8. He is just the sweetest and cutest! That last picture is just perfect! And great job, you! You did an amazing job at the cake! Such a gift to give your boys their themed cakes! Love it! Also loving that family pic after Mass! You look amazing! Praying for you and hope to email you soon! :)

  9. I love that cake - he and my John Paul would be such friends :) Happy Birthday to David!

  10. it sounds perfect to me! Happy Birthday David!


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