A Late Easter Wednesday Quick Rainy Daybook

Outside my window...
It's still very cold here in Buffalo but, praise God, the snow seems to be gone?  It's been replaced by rain and more forecasts of rain.  So it's still lots of brown and wet, wet, wet yard.  (Never ever buy a house in a flood zone.)  We're predicted to have a near two weeks' worth of rain.  You can guess how happy I am about that ;)  It is slight madness to try to "spring" clean your house when the outside of it is filled with inches and inches of mud and muck.  I'm pretty sure these boys' have to change their clothes more now than they ever did as newborns.  (But yay for first floor laundries!)

The hum of the monitor in the boys' room and the tumbling of clothes in the dryer.

Thankful for...
His plans, His grace, His forgiveness.
Hope.  New life.  Promise.
And for Brian.  His patience with me is sometimes near heroic.

Thinking about...
Baby having.  All the lists of things to get done.  May is a lovely month but when you have other kids and a big family and live where we do, it's also a crazy month to go and have a baby.  There is SO. MUCH. going on in May and it's more than a little overwhelming to my type A personality.
So is having a fifth child.
I don't feel ready for that.
Pray for me :)
Trying not to think about the weather.  I can't control it but it has so much effect on what we can do, how we all feel, and everyone's general mood.

Well, this week is off due to all solemnity all week.  Yay Easter!
But I have been aiming to get done with a few subjects with the boys before May and baby.  We're nearly done with grammar and Michael is almost done with math.  John Paul already started on his next math level so that's fine.  Their guitar lessons end next week which is kind of a relief.  Michael finished his Latin and at some point I'll need to get that second level.  We're refocusing on handwriting and I would like to get through the beta level of CCM before the baby comes?  I plan on continuing some sort of simple morning routine throughout the summer to keep us all fresh but I would just like to have all the little loose ends tied up before the baby comes and we take a good and necessary break.

Struggling with...
Energy and sheer exhaustion.   Body image.  The chaos of four young children who have spent way too long in close quarters (yet still insist on all playing the same thing in the same four foot area of space).  The weather.  Boring pregnancy stuff.

From the kitchen...
This week for Easter it's easy and fun meals.  I've also been slowly filling the freezer for after this baby comes.  It feels good every time I put something in there that I will thank myself for later.

A person.
And lists.  And birth plans.  I keep trying to force myself to knit and that just hasn't been working.  And I have it in my head that I should make an Easter banner for the mantle.  Whether it actually happens before Easter week is over is anyone's guess.

At this moment, nothing.  I finished up A Time of Renewal, Mother Mary Francis' Lenten reading.  (Verdict:  good but not as good as her Advent one.)  Will be figuring out something new to read soon.  Our women's group is ready for another one so that'll be my spiritual reading…if anyone has a great light fiction they want to recommend, I'm all ears.

Not many places but dreaming of somewhere I could lay in the sun.

Around the house...
I cleaned the downstairs curtains for the first time ever so go me.  Lots of touch ups and little to-do things on the baby list.  A lot of the baby items have been brought out (but I'm waiting on cleaning the clothes til I hopefully can have my clothesline fixed and up for sunning those baby stains!  You know, those stains that mysteriously appear on the baby clothes while in storage…seriously, what is up with those?)

There are so many things to do outside and the weather has been so uncooperative.  Trying not to stress about what I can't change and let go and trust.  I just so love and look forward to having things done so we can enjoy that babymoon time to the fullest.  

For this birth.
For several people welcoming or hoping to welcome new little people into their families.
For Paul.
For discernment.
For friends answering their vocations.
For the right baby name.

A picture thought to share

We did have one day last week that had some sun and we enjoyed it immensely :)


  1. Oh that last picture makes me smile :)

    Are the boys doing classical guitar lessons? Or just regular? Let me know if you need book suggestions for them to continue studies at home - I taught guitar for a couple years and ended up with a lot of resources!

    Our yard is SUPER muddy too... Probably not as muddy as yours, but it's such a struggle at the beginning of every spring to get the kids to be *okay* with the fact that they are allowed to get dirty/muddy/sandy/whatever... Not to the point of sand in the hair (Mary Claire...), but not to come crying inside every time their knees get muddy! Every single year it happens, and every single year it's so ridiculous!

    1. Oh, neat! I didn't know you could play! Um…I think just regular? I will probably hit you up with some questions. I'm hoping they stick with it (and I have the discipline to make them practice). It's something I always wish I had learned…so I'm making them learn it instead ;)

      Oh, the mud is relentless. I'm glad they don't mind getting dirty but seriously, they come in soaked to the skin from the yard and lately we change socks and pants three times a day...

  2. I can completely relate to the mud and grayness that comes after a long cold, snowy winter. My boys were desperate to be outside and I ended up completely resigned to having some degree of mud on my floors!

    I'm keeping you in my prayers and offering up much for you and all who are expecting. It is hard I know but there is much joy to come! I'm excited for you!

  3. Fun, nice fiction? The Rosary by Florence R Barclay. It's free for kindle on Amazon. An old timey story with lovely characters.

    1. Ooh, thank you! Just downloaded it on my fancy phone!

  4. What an adorable picture. Praying for you and baby.


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