20 Random Things That You Probably Don't Want to Know

So there's this thing going around Instagram tagging people to share twenty random things about themselves.  I've been tagged a bunch of times but the idea of typing all that on my phone makes me want to strangle something before even starting.  Give me a good old fashioned keyboard, please ;)  So I thought I'd share here (might as well make it an official post if I'm gonna do all that thinking and typing, amiright?) and then I can copy and paste to the IG, too.  

Speaking of Instagram, I ended up making my account private after reading and hearing some very concerning and ugly things about the safety of our kids and pictures.  I'd love to have you follow me and if you look non-suspicious I'll accept your request.  But gotta do what I can to protect these little people, you know?  Sorry the feed is no longer available in the sidebar or for those not on IG :(  Tell Instagram that they need to do a better job of safeguarding our images and I will totally change it back to public.

Okay, on to twenty things you never knew you wanted to know about me...

I picked my Confirmation name because it was pretty.  Bernadette.  I'm still waiting to feel some sort of connection with her and I feel guilty that I kind of wish I had picked something with a bit more personal meaning.  Not that she's not awesome but I probably should have had a deeper meaning to my choice, huh?

My nicknames growing up were Goose, Mary-Tware, Ant, Shotgun, Kiwi, Foze, and Mofo.

I've never broken a real bone but in one year in high school, I managed to have my nose broken and my ACL torn.  The nose incident happened in my friend Megan's pool when someone jumped in and I was underwater where they jumped.  I still feel badly about the blood and the mess they must've had to clean up while I went to the E.R.  You can still see a tiny bump and scar on my nose.  The knee required only arthroscopic surgery to "clean things up" but I don't have a real ligament in my right knee.  It still acts up from time to time.

In high school I think I attended four Barenaked Ladies concerts.  They were my fave.  But I never threw macaroni and cheese because that's just gross.

I am definitely a sufferer of Angry Resting Face.  (I know, others prefer to call it by a stronger name but I don't like swearing….which doesn't mean I don't sometimes do it in a heat of the moment thing but I don't like using it in normal convo, you know?)  My lips naturally turn down and even when I may be perfectly fine and just thinking, I look way too serious and I think people really get the wrong impression of me sometimes.  It makes me sad.  Seriously, people, it's just my face. #thestruggleisreal

I love throwing things away.  Not in a wasteful way but I gain a lot of satisfaction by detaching myself from clutter and if I may say so, I am really really good at keeping clutter out of my home and inbox and life.

But I am very bad at making small decisions.  Choosing the restaurant, what to order on the menu, color choices, clothes shopping.  They put me in a small state of panic.  Malls are my purgatory…all the choices!

My first car was a boxy VW Jetta that I bought myself and I loved it.  When I finally had to sell it, I got $200 for it.  I've also owned a Mazda Protege (stick), Mazda 626, Nissan Altima (short-lived…got rear ended and it was totaled), Hyundai Santa Fe, Toyota Sienna, and now a Hyundai Entourage (that I need to hit with an umbrella to make start).

Despite growing up in a house with five sisters, I am abysmally bad at things like makeup and hair and putting outfits together.

Which is probably because I was mostly a tomboy growing up, though I don't really like that word.  I loved collecting bugs, climbing trees, playing with my brother, and finding or buying various creature pets to keep in my room…hamsters, fish, salamanders, rats, mice, cats, stick bugs…  I couldn't stand anything I considered girly.  I used my First Communion money to buy a "science table" (which was really an MDF microwave cart) to store my microscope, ant farm, and various other sciency things.

For several years during that time I wanted to be an entomologist.  I don't at all desire that in the least anymore.

Several times growing up I saw one of our cats give birth.  Looking back, I wonder if that's what helped me to view birth as a normal and really cool thing.

I don't like bananas, pictures of myself, the feel of velvet, wet hair, confrontation, and those stringy, ligamenty things in whales' mouths that they use to filter their food.

I wish in college I had double majored and gotten a nursing degree.  That would put me way ahead now in pursuing a midwifery degree.  At this point, the requirements and time would put me near retirement.

I really wish I had curly hair.  For most of my life it was partly wavy but in the last few years has gotten bone straight.  I think curly hair fits me better.

I have a huge fear of heights.  And while I love the beach, the idea of the ocean totally freaks me out.  So does outer space.

I went through weird period of my life where the idea of heaven completely terrified me.  I was in fourth or fifth grade and would cry in bed thinking about it.  It was something about the idea of eternity and going on and on forever.  A friend of mine recently shared that she went through the same thing and it was surprisingly comforting that I wasn't the only one.  Now I can't wait for it.  Rest and all.

Okay, now another way weirder phase…for a short bit of time I used to pull off my toenails.  I think I did it five or six times.  Isn't that messed up?  Seriously, though.  What was wrong with me?

I first started college with a pre-law major.  I would have made a heck of a lawyer.

I love singing.  I will never ever be a soloist but I can carry a tune.  I was once asked when I felt most alive and the first thing that came to me is when I am singing praise and worship with a safe and like-minded group of people.

So…that's it.  Now you can tell me one random thing about you so I don't feel so weird :)

Oh, I'm supposed to include a photo, huh?  Instagram and all…
No, but seriously, pictures of yourself are the worst. 
 #blackandwhiteismoreflattering #swollenpregnantface #doneramblingaboutmyselfnow


  1. Ugh, the struggle is real. I have the Resting Angry Face too, and so many people think I'm having an awful day when, nope. I'm just concentrating or relaxing so stop asking if I'm okay, okay? #solidarity

    The Starving Inspired
    The Starving Inspired

    1. I honestly think it's a really real thing. And it makes me feel awful that people might think I'm judging them or angry or whatever and really I'm just in default face mode. I've tried to keep my lips turned up a little and do a half smile thing but I'm pretty sure that might be even creepier…

  2. I've wished many, many times that I had double majored in nursing in college. I don't want to be a midwife, but I've dreamed about being a lactation consultant and being a nurse would make that so much easier.

    I went through a similar phrase of being scared of eternity. I used to ponder it, just going on and on and on. It was a scary thought.

    I have curly/wavy hair, but I wish I had straight hair. Wanna trade? I wish my hair would get bone straight.

    1. Totally would trade! I actually just heard a talk by Fr. Riccardo, too, and he mentioned other people having that fear. So at least it's not THAT weird :)

  3. These are great - I learned so much about you! Growing up with all those girls, Kevin didn't learn much about makeup or hair either : ) Speaking of hair...I think we usually want what we don't have. I would love to have straight hair and not these crazy curls.

    1. I would totally trade for your curls! And I think all of us siblings were/are pretty hair ignorant!

    2. Honestly,none of your sisters were into make up- just not the Foley thing. Hair-dos on the other hand...it was the 80s after all!

  4. Mary
    Only just joined instagram and didn't think about keeping it private as my blog is not private. However now you have me concerned and I need to be informed. Can you post link please.
    no 6 - me too!!
    5 sisters- oh what fun:) I have only 2 (and 5 bros)

    1. Erin, the main thing I read was this:
      and she posts several links in there as well. What happened to her and her family really concerned me. I know my blog is public but at least I still technically own the pictures and it's not *as* easy to just steal them. And it's harder to figure out specifics of our location from a blog than a phone. I don't know, maybe I'm being overcautious but since I'm new to IG and don't totally understand how it all works, it'll be private for now.

  5. Mary! The nose! I was telling Benji that harrowing tale not too long ago. The blood! Love the four BNL concerts (and throwing out Moxy as one of my best high school memories too). Great list!

    1. PS: don't feel bad about the blood. It was really just a hose job outside. Ha. I remember you came back sfter the hospital too, to rally at the bonfire. Seems like just yesterday!

    2. I couldn't bear to miss any of the fun for silly emergency room trips :) I was thinking about Moxy the other day and how they must be old now!

  6. My mom was afraid of the idea of heaven, too. I think it's a pretty common fear. xx <3

  7. I went to a bunch of BNL concerts too, and Dave Matthews Band...ahhh I was in love with the violin player :) I would never have imagined you have a mean resting face, I always picture you so joyful and smiling! I am sometimes quiet around people, and was thought of as stuck-up in high school. It stinks to be judged! Praying for you and that sweet baby allllll the time, Mary!


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