Thawing, Tapping, Tinkering {pretty, happy, funny, real} - vol. 66

Taking a moment to capture a few snapshots of recent days.  
Things are thawing and melting and dripping and life feels hopeful again.

This thing has been in the sky and it rose above freezing for the last three (3!!) days.

So grateful that we didn't have any issues with ice dams or leaks.

Dry pavement equals bikes no matter how many feet of snow are still in the yard.

Snowpants, boots, and bikes 

This boy is light enough still to mostly walk on top of the snow.  I sink in up to my knees and probably greatly amuse the neighbors as I lumber to get out.

Michael Jr. has quickly been accepted by the family.  I absolutely adore watching Michael care for him.  Despite the fights from certain younger brothers that they want a turn.

 I love that John Paul has gotten so into the tree tapping.  This is our first year doing it and he helped Brian put the taps in a few nights ago and each morning since has gone out before breakfast to check how things are going.

I highly doubt we'll get anything truly usable but experience, right?

Insisting on washing the mud off by himself

Michael Jr. is a fan of airplane rides and wrestling and being launched as a rocket.  

Today's science brought to you by dysfunctional radios and screwdrivers.

And, ahem, it's been much less peaceful than it looks...

Just a reminder that we began our collective St. Joseph novena together yesterday.  It's not too late to double up on a day and join in!  If you'd like to click over to add your name to my list, I'll pray for your intentions, too.  I just flipped my notebook to begin the fifth page of names and I find it such an honor and blessing to pray for all these intentions.  Daily reminders and a link will be on the Facebook page.

Hope you're having a lovely Thursday!

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  1. My oldest son wants so badly to tap trees after reading 'Little House in the Big Woods' and 'Farmer Boy'!

    1. If you have a maple, even just doing one for the experience may be worth it! My son has been drinking some of the sap right from the tree so I'm not sure how much we'll have left for syrup making ;)

  2. I forgot to reply earlier this week - I am doing the Novena to St Joseph. Please add my husband John to your list and I will remember you all in my intentions too. Thank you!

  3. What fun photos! The airplane one is my favorite. (When I first saw it I freaked out a little that he had a baby up there since I could see my boys doing that. lol.) I'm late joining in the novena but if you could add my husband Brian to the list I'd be very grateful. Thx!

    1. Ha, I'm *kinda* laid back about the boy shenanigans but not THAT laid back :) I'll add Brian to the list, thanks, Bobbi!


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