For All the St. Joseph Novena Pray-ers

My updates for our novena were mostly on Facebook but I just wanted to pop in briefly and give a thank you to all who were praying with me.  I need some novena closure here, too ;)  It is truly a privilege and honor to pray for your intentions and hear your stories.  Plus, the accountability here is very very good for me.

So thank you for praying with me.  I prayed for each of the men you gave me by name every day.  I wrote every name down and ended up with my (super fancy) pages long list.  I pray that through the grace of us all praying together and the intercession of the great St. Joseph that all the men we were praying for will be abundantly blessed and drawn deeper into a profound love of our Lord.  I hope your St. Joseph day was blessed and that the grace of these prayers will extend far beyond the past few weeks.

If you have them, I'd love to hear your stories of how the novena has been a blessing to your family.  And please know that I will especially continue to pray for all those with some of the bigger intentions.  
May the rest of your Lent be blessed and holy.  And thank you, again.

St. Joseph, thank you for your prayers and please continue to intercede for all these special men.


  1. Thank you for doing this! I feel like the novena helped put peace in my heart, and I know the Lord heard the prayers. God bless you!

  2. I love Novena because it gives me accountability. I look forward to the St. Joseph Novena with y'all because of the community it forms for our husbands, fathers, brothers, etc. But also for the uplifting idea that humanity still tangibly reaches fir the good, the beautiful, and the true. All of that just to say THANKS!

  3. Praying this novena two years ago blessed our family with our own little Joseph!


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