This Month in Boys - February 2015

-a monthly recap of some of the things I just don't want to forget-

John Paul

-got third place in this year's GeoBee.
-started guitar lessons with Michael!  I am extremely excited about this.  He's already been plucking out Amazing Grace.
-has been asking for more books and claiming "there's nothing left to read."
(Not so much.  I mean, you've seen our little library, right?  But we do need a few more selections for his age.)
-helped organize all the boys into making me secret valentines.
-has been so helpful with keeping the driveway shoveled.  (And on my end, two bucks for a clear driveway ain't all that bad.)
-has decided (along with the other brothers that they would definitely like to be there when the baby is born.
-went to a sacred choral music concert with me one night and loved it.
-when asked what he wants to do first once the snow is all melted again said, "Huh.  That's a really hard question.  Go for hikes.  And explore.  And have a campfire." 


-lost yet another tooth.  I've dubbed him our Mike O'Lantern.
-got second place in his run in the BabyBee!
-went on a date morning with me which included a trip to Hobby Lobby to buy some long awaited perler beads, a quick browsing at Toys 'R Us where we realized just how crazy expensive Legos are, a run to George and Co. for some smoke bombs and snappers, a stop at the Adoration chapel (his idea!), and lunch at Panera.
-declared, "Mama, I think your pizza is better than the one from the place."  High praise indeed.  (I don't agree but them boys like a bready crust.)
-is about half way through reading Charlotte's Web to me.
-now begs to do extra Latin lessons.  We switched to Song School Latin and I admit, my intuition was totally wrong on this one.  They love it.  A very good move.
-after measuring the length of the house with Papa, they figured out how many lengths run equals one mile.  He has determined that he would like to run ten miles this week.  (He's already worked up to five!  Can we say Buffalo winter??)
-decided that the first thing he wants to do once this winter thaws is play baseball.


-told me, "Mama, if when the baby comes, it's born on my birthday?  That would be really really special."
"Yeah, that would be a pretty great gift - a new brother or sister."
 "It would be like my only gift (pause) because it's going to be so hard to push out."
(Thanks for the reminder, kiddo.)
-comes down in the morning with the most interesting color combinations on.
-has been asking for more chores to do to earn money.
-one of which (pro parenting tip ahead) has been encouraging and helping bring Luke to use the bathroom during the day…twenty five cents a pop.  John Paul and Michael have been in on this, too.  And it actually works!  
-during Mass lately will place his hand and head on my belly and try to feel the baby.  
-agrees that playing baseball is the first thing he wants to do once this endless winter ends!


-will put special or fragile (to him) things in out of reach places and tell us that he's doing that "so when the baby is born, he won't be able to get it."
-the other day was walking around the house sing-songing "Genghis Khaaaan…Genghis Khaaaan" over and over.  When I asked him who that was?  "Genghis Khan is...David!'  (I'm guessing it probably does feel that way sometimes to you, Bud.)
-has really been growing up.  He's gotten (a tad) bit easier and has been giving these sweetest of smiles just because.
-still is Papa's boy.  If Papa is home only Papa may zip up his coat or take him to the bathroom or play a game or put on his shoes.
-loves feeling the baby move in utero.  He thinks it's pretty funny that the baby is allowed to kick him.
-when the snow is all gone "because David took his shovel and BROKE it all up!" says he is going to "just RUN around out there!"


  1. Such cute boys you have! Paying them to take the youngest to the bathroom is genius.
    We made those same mustache suckers to pass out as Valentines last year. The boys loved them and asked to make them way past valentines day.

  2. Oh man I've only been bribing the big kids to take the twins to the potty with chocolate chips! Maybe I need to try quarters instead...

  3. If I can just say, if those were my boys I would NEVER be able to discipline them, because of the level of cute. That is all.


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