February Snapshots

Life here has been pretty quiet.  I will try not to yammer on about the seemingly endless weather misery that has been our February since we all know about that.  But just for future me and posterity's sake:  it's been bad.  We started February out just fine but several weeks in a row of below zero real temps and snow upon snow upon snow has taken a toll on everyone's psyche.  We're breaking records and we've been homebound a lot.  I'm not sure why we live in a place where for much of the year it literally hurts to go outside.  But thankfully we have stayed pretty healthy, we have the huge blessing of a working furnace, and I thank God that most days we have no place we truly have to be.  


Thought I'd share a few of our semi-notable February moments... 

St. Valentine cookies (which I can proudly say I let my boys decorate with abandon)

The cutest of Indian hobbit boys

I came in the room one afternoon and saw the two of them hanging on the couch like this.  It's good to have a brother sometimes.

Some Fat Tuesday paczkis at the local donut shop.  The plan was for our traditional pancake dinner but with the freezing cold, the hens have barely been laying so we didn't have the eggs.  Plus, me = tired.

John Paul caught this pic on my new fancy phone when I was getting David ready to play outside on one of the "milder" days (read: 10 degrees).  For some reason, I love it.

During dinner one evening I caught a glimpse of something outside the window.  It was our neighbor para-boarding out in the field behind the house!  He was flying and the boys were in awe.

And my new fancy phone also lets me capture moments like this and send them to Papa at work.  Luke at our co-op.  He just started his own little Montessori class and was quite proud.

And random homeschooly moment:  I was at the table paying bills when they somehow organized all this.  Two had traced themselves and were coloring in their bodies (David's complete with organs and bones) and the other was illustrating Charlotte's Web.  So pretty much they don't really need me in this homeschooling thing, I think.

Yay!  Brian started work on building new built in benches for the kitchen.  We long ago outgrew our table and seating situation in there.  I have been hankerin' for some benches to simplify floor clean up and to fit more little bottoms.  He had many little helpers for the project.

Wood delivery

Did you notice how great the cellar looks?  I mean, for a cellar and all?  It was scary rough down there but Brian spent a whole lot of nights in late fall and December painting and cleaning it up and now it's not a horribly disgusting place to be!  

Learning from the master

I spotted an owl hanging outside our window the other night.  John Paul looked it up and it's an eastern screech owl.  It hung out for a while and didn't even fly when we put the flashlight on him!

These pictures look so adorable, right?  I mean before you look closely and realize they're training their animals for battle...

Ah, boys...

One of the many icicles from our house…the boys thought it glorious fun to precariously lean out the upstairs window and yank a few down...

Three post bath boys in a box.  The radiator traps the heat in there so they were warming up :)

Yet another batch of elderberry syrup in progress.  So very thankful that all we've dealt with so far this long winter is a mild cold.  There are so so many yucky things going around this year.  I started adding in fermented cod liver oil to our breakfast smoothies just to up the hippie/nutrient factor a bit.

Even when it's seven below outside, the chickens still need to drink

and what few eggs there are need to be gathered.

Our sidewalk has been getting narrower and narrower as the month has worn on.

As has my driveway opening.  You can't tell and I'm far too wimpy to go out for a better picture but the van can barely squeak out between the drift and shovel piles.  

Dear spring, please come soon.

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  1. Ah, the chickens! We're in the same boat... No eggs lately but, obviously, they still need food or water and the snow just makes it that much more difficult to get it to them.

    1. I'm very grateful for boy chores :) But yeah, our breakfasts have been pretty lame without our eggs!

  2. I can't even begin to imagine there being that much snow. Don't hate me, but it's in the mid 40's and sunny here in Texas.

    1. I don't hate you but don't be surprised if I show up at your door in the next few days :)

  3. You'd hate me more than Ann-Marie because it's 65 degrees here. I can't even wrap my brain around the thought of all that (heck, any) snow. Anyway, such lovely photos! Although the hobbit ones are awesome, the big brother with his arm around his little brother brought a tear to my eye. So sweet. :-)

    1. 65?!?! Sigh. No hating but trying to be grateful we don't have to deal with things like hurricanes and typhoons and earthquakes and tornadoes? Trying...

  4. Great pictures. When I first saw the pictures of building the benches, I wasn't sure it was your cellar. I remember it as the dark gloomy place. Brian did a great job. Can't wait to see the finished benches. May Spring come quickly.

  5. Oh so many pics made me smile; random hs moment, building with the timber, boys in a box:) Great memories capture

  6. I thought the cookies looked great!

    Boys are such fun, interesting creatures aren't they? :)

  7. So much boy fun...as a mom of older boys your post was a treat. The eleven cloaks and leaf brooches are amazing. Thanks for sharing. May God bless your precious family.


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