{handsome, happy, funny, real} - Thanksgiving, Baby Bumps, and a VERY Special Day for Michael

I mentioned yesterday that we got back from our Thanksgiving trip to Chicago.  While we were there, we finally got to meet our newest nephew and even be there to celebrate his Baptism!

 {pretty} {handsome}
I walked into the room to see John Paul bonding with his new cousin.  Isn't he a doll?  Quite the handsome couple, I think.  I keep forgetting that when this new little one is here I'll have some very capable hands for baby holding.  What a difference that will make in newborn life!

Michael got his turn, too.  So so sweet.

And while pretty is probably the wrong word, I do think we make fine looking group if I do say so myself.  At least, everyone is looking so let's call it a win.  It was so different not having Brian's dad there with us but still so good to be together.  (And clearly this side of the family has a very dominant Y chromosome.  His dad was also one of seven boys :)

So this happened the other day!!!
He was so so happy to be able to serve for the very first time at our learning center morning Mass with John Paul!  Do you see this kid?!?  It was so beautiful watching both of them serve together and he was beaming afterward.  What a blessing that place has been.  It was so hard at the beginning of the year to decide what to do.  There are now several options in the area all of them appealing in their own ways and I was so torn.  But I'm so happy with how this one has blessed our family.  Father Peter is amazing with the kids and is so happy we are there using the previously vacant school.  I've been able to pray with, chat with, and really get to know some beautiful women while the boys absolutely love their classes.  

Apparently the smallest size cassock they had available was a size 11.  Michael wears a size 7.  When he came out in the procession that cincture holding up all that extra length of fabric was around his knees.  It was adorable but terrifying.  I couldn't do anything about it without making a scene but I was so so so nervous he was going to trip that I was praying he would stay upright.  The cassock was literally under his feet.  It would have been so mortifying for him if he had tripped.  Thankfully, some precious wonderful blessed lady hidden next to the sanctuary whispered to him and must've beckoned him to come over.  He disappeared for a brief moment and came back with it nice and fitted.  Phew.  Thank you, mysterious lady!

What's that?  A six month pregnant belly?
Try 15 weeks.
Oy.  They aren't kidding when they say you get bigger faster with each baby.  And clearly my skinny jeans are screaming in protest.

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  1. I can't believe I missed Michaels first mass! And I didn't realize your cute little bump has grown quite so much!!! Such a beautiful pregnant lady!

  2. You look beautiful! and congratulations Michael!!

  3. You are so cute! Congrats to Michael!

  4. Lovely bump! Now I don't feel so strange for my big 14 week bump! My question is whether it just gets bigger in general or levels out at some point...

  5. Michael, I'm so proud of you! I wish I could come to Mass to see you and John Paul serve. What an honor and privilege for you! I'm sure you did a beautiful job. I would have been close to tears seeing that angel face on the altar!
    Mary, you have grown since the last time I've seen you! You look radiant!

  6. I cannot wait until my guy is old enough to serve at Mass!!Congratulations to Michael. Beautiful bump!

  7. So thrilled to hear Michael is serving!:):) Oh yes bet your Mumma heart is just jumping for joy with the two of them serving:)

  8. Congratulations to Michael! Wonderful! And you look wonderful. Beautiful belly. :)

  9. Congratulations to Michael, he looks so pleased and proud! And YOU look amazing :)

  10. You look beautiful!! I loved all the pictures, especially the one of Michael!

  11. Are you sure there is only one baby in there? : )

  12. I'm a huge supporter for boys serving Mass - as young as they can! It's so wonderful to watch!!!

    And Mary - that belly, I love it sooooooooo much! You'll probably get all the twin comments like I did, just to warn ya! I was thinking girl, but that belly looks all out in front, so my guess is boy for now :)

  13. You look beautiful, Mary! And all your boys are so handsome! I can't wait till the boys can participate in Mass like this. It feels so far, but I know it will be here sooner than my heart will be ready for!

  14. You look great!! And what a blessing to have your family together for such a special occasion.


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