And from Them to Us

And now the gifts from them which, of course, are far more entertaining and sweet.
I intentionally stay out of their way when they are furiously working on gifts for us and each other, unless they ask for my help with some specific part.  I love to see what they come up with.  

And I love how excited they are to give their gifts!

David had gifts for Brian and me but didn't leave himself enough time to make gifts for the siblings.  Which at age five is quite all right, I think.  At their learning center there has been a table of freebies sitting out in the hallway for the last few weeks bearing medals and holy cards and all sorts of sacramentals that the church was hoping people would take.

David was thrilled to find on the table this small cross to give Papa for his desk at work and wrapped it meticulously.  And the flower copped from my ribbon box was his gift for me :)  "I worked for DAYS on it, Mama."

And apparently both Michael and John Paul were making ALL THE ORNAMENTS as gifts.  They're pretty cute but we may have to work on branching out a bit next year...

From Michael:  A train for Luke, a snowflake for John Paul, a snowman for David, a moon for Papa, and a cross sun catcher he got from that same table he just was absolutely sure I would adore :)  Michael was working on a wooden rubber band gun for John Paul in the garage for a long time but I think he ran out of time.  And motivation.

And from John Paul:  A marathon runner for Papa, a Nativity scene for Michael, a train for both David and Luke (apparently the creative juices were running low at this point), and what's that in the corner?  Pretty much the reason I needed to write this whole post.  His gift for me.  Let's take a closer look, shall we?

That is exactly what you think it is.  
You guys.  He made a doula ornament of an unborn baby out of cardboard.  Yes, he very much did.  And it made my Christmas morning.  I'm pretty sure when I figured out what it was I laughed until there were tears.  I'm not sure how many people get to hang a cardboard fetal replica on their tree but now I get to be among the lucky few.  But I guess considering that the whole God humbling himself and entering humanity as even the tiniest, most fragile of human beings is the whole point of observing Christmas, I suppose in some sense it's pretty appropriate, huh?
Happy fifth day of Christmas!


  1. What sweet boys and sweet gifts, Mary! I love the fetus! You ARE among the lucky few :)

  2. Precious and creative! Hopefully when you are old and senile you'll still remember it's a fetus and not a jelly bean...

  3. Oh crying here, love the doula ornament! so, so precious!! Would have made my day too!!

  4. LOVE the doula ornament. So cute and thoughtful. Your boys are amazing.

  5. Gosh your boys are so sweet! I love all the ornaments, but the doula ornament is so precious! =)

  6. I. Died. At that doula ornament!!! Your boys are the BEST! Merry Christmas :)

    1. For a brief moment I thought it was a pancreas and was slightly confused ;)


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