You Should Put This on the Blog

John Paul is all stick bombs lately.
I didn't know what they were either and I don't even remember how he stumbled upon the Youtube videos that enchanted him with all their kinetic energy goodness.  But even I can admit they're kind of fun.  (Search stick bombs on Youtube and you'll see.)

Last week he used some of his leaf money (and a 40% off coupon because he's my son) to buy a box of craft sticks at the store.  He spent several days building tracks for hours at a time and asked me to record a few for him.
And ever the showman he is, he then declared,
"You should put this on the blog."
Alrighty then.

(This one was taken by Michael hence the poor camera positioning.  Sorry!)

I love that he named the one "The Cobra."

(I love Michael's laugh in this one!)

I can't answer them but maybe the resident bomb expert can :)


  1. My sons enjoyed watching them! We have a box of sticks but it I couldn't talk them into it at the moment. They said it looked too hard. I'm sure they will want to try it at some point this winter!

  2. Um, this is amazing! I need to show this to my husband. Pretty sure he'll want to do this everyday and hope the boys will eventually want to do this lol

  3. Wow - those really "explode" FAST!!!! Looks like a LOT of work to set up those fancy patterns. Great job, John Paul!

  4. Great job John Paul! I saw a simple line on u tube last summer and wanted to try it. Can you bring your sticks when you come to visit?

  5. How cool! I've got to show my boys these videos!! Good job, John Paul!

  6. These were so great!! I've never seen/heard of anything like before.
    I love in the second one when he says, "so let's try it out. ok?" He may be hosting his own kids diy science show some day :)

  7. This is so cool....we went and bought a box of sticks today : )

  8. THAT IS SO COOL! Now we are going to have to go to the store and buy craft sticks!


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