So David Made My Week (and some other things, too)

We're having our first snow today!  
It waited until November 13 so I think I'm okay with it.

Despite my photos it does look so cozy and {pretty} outside!

I'm glad the Brian and the boys were able to spend some time cleaning up the garden before the snow.  There's a lot of work left and the garden will need a major overhaul next year but at least they found a fun surprise while they were working!

Surprise carrot harvest!  

A few days ago the boys were crazy {happy} to carve pumpkins.  There's no statute of limitations on that, right? 

I was happy to let the husband take over all carving duties.

David insisted on a spider.

Michael's was decorated with Andruil the sword, Gimli's axe, Legolas' bow, and the one ring.  (And who didn't get a picture?  This gal.)

Luke was quite content to scoop seeds in and out of his pumpkin shell.  Later Brian helped him carve a "silly face" into his.

And John Paul carved a pretty impressive Andruil as well.
I'm so bummed I didn't get a picture of them all before they were brought outside and have already started wrinkling and collapsing...

And then there's this. 

This {funny} project of David's pretty much made my week.  He found a small photo album and decided he was going to turn it into his autobiography.

So all by his own volition he began at the beginning and spent several days' work illustrating his life.

This is his birth.  I'm in the water in the fish pool holding him.  I absolutely adore Brian's pose and expression.  

And here we have when the older brothers woke up and learned they had a new brother.
Page 3 is his Baptism.

Then we have us moving into our new house and then building the new chicken pen.  He did get help from John Paul for this last drawing. This is the last page so far but I really really hope he continues because I get SUCH a kick out of it.

Same child also took it upon himself to make a crown a few days ago.  

"The cross is for Jesus and the feathers are for the birds flying up to heaven."

He wore it two days straight and all through his classes at the learning center on Tuesday.  

This kid.  {Real} cute sometimes.

Hope you're having a great day!

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  1. That book is hilarious and precious! I hope he continues it too!

    We are actually getting snow today, too - odd for us. But the girls are thrilled!

  2. Hooray for your budding artist/author! David's book is so, so wonderful. You provide the paper and pen (and feathers and glue...) and the awesome life you live, and voila! Beautiful.
    And we totally want David (and everyone else) in the Saints ATC swap! (details at my blog) He's a fabulous artist! I love how the priest is the only one with more than a stick body, and the perspective on the chicken pen is great. Can you tell I love children's artwork?!

  3. That book is awesome! I love it- he's so creative and cute!

  4. What great artwork coming from such a little guy! Think of what he can become! Love his perspective on all the important events in his precious life!

  5. I love David's life story so SO much. SO MUCH. Like, I hope he draws more and you keep us updated. I LOVE it. John Paul has told me that he's writing his life story too, but he never actually writes it out - he just narrates "The Diary of John Paul" to us every once in a while. "Chapter 1: I am born." and so on and so forth. It's kind of hilarious :)


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