Our Saint JPII Feast Day {phfr}

Yesterday was the first *official* feast day for Saint John Paul the Great.  Though we've celebrated the last few years knowing this would be the feast day, it was even better now that he is officially proclaimed a saint!  I still can't even believe that we got to be there.  Blessed beyond belief.  Our John Paul was pretty psyched about celebrating the feast day, so much so that he took over a lot of the work so that I could do that whole lay on the couch and grow a baby thing.

But first unrelated picture of a sunflowers my mom brought over to congratulate us on our new little one!  Isn't that nice?  It made me cry but then again...yeah.

John Paul got all into the tablescape even going so far as to iron (for the first time) the tablecloth?!?  He brought down his special JPII mementos to decorate and made place cards.  I made this polish sausage and cabbage soup (which was surprisingly awesome and super easy) in the crock pot.  (Recipe notes:  I didn't have caraway seeds and added some salt, a touch of ground pepper, and a splash of apple cider vinegar.)  We then inaugurated that gifted Polish pottery tureen on the perfect day to serve it up.  The kids were not interested in the soup as I knew they wouldn't be so we also had our Polish sausage pizza and veggie sticks.

The best touch of all were the miter-folded napkins that John Paul looked up online.
You can officially learn how to do anything on Youtube.

It was delicious even if a bit sloppily decorated :)
There's about a third left in the fridge at this very moment and I'm really not sure how I'm not going to eat it.

Joining Like Mother, Like Daughter for some {phfr}!
God bless!


  1. It all looks so beautiful! We made a slightly Americanized version of the cake for my husband's birthday this year.

    1. I love that his name is John Paul! He's one of the originals!

  2. So sweet! I love that John Paul did so much of it himself :) Mine ended up getting the Chick-fil-A he wanted when I ended up being TOTALLY not up to cooking dinner... But he really wanted to drink tea with dinner, so we're kind of having a make-up tonight. Luckily he's 5, so standards are low ;)

    1. In this house in the land of nary a Chick-fil-A, that would definitely be high standards. I told my husband that we should open one here and make the big time. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Chick-fil-A was JPII's favorite fast food so it totally works ;)

  3. I love everything about this from the sunflowers and your teary-self to that amazing looking cake! Love!


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