Our 2014 Cast of Saints!

I am quite excited to have our costumes done for our party tomorrow and I'm really happy with how they turned out!  Behold our cast of saints for the year (with some costume notes for future reference or in case in can help anyone else out there!).

Saint Anthony of Padua

John Paul picked his favorite saint of late as his saint this year.  This is the first year that he and Michael did not choose a saint with a sword.  I made the habits (don't look too close ;)  John Paul sewed the fish by himself.  He wasn't into carrying a Christ child doll around and there is nary a baby doll in our house anyway.  So he opted to carry the traditional lilies (from Hobby Lobby) and the homemade fish in honor of his favorite story about Saint Anthony preaching to the fish.

St. Francis of Assisi

Again, I made the habit and Michael made his bird.  I love it!  And check out both of their homemade tonsures that John Paul fashioned out of some craft fur!  To my delight, Michael was going to go the real tonsure route.  Today, though, he got a little nervous about the close encounter with the clippers and backed out.  According to Michael, "I look just like him!!  Except for my missing tooth.  But maybe he lost some of his teeth when he was old."

St. George the Martyr

That face!  The tunic is a simple white pillowcase with a red felt cross hot-glued to the front.  The cape and head covering are from the dress up hamper (head covering sewed by Grandma years ago).  The sequinesque "armor" I put together for John Paul a few years ago when he was St. George.  They're just pinned to his clothes.  Sword courtesy of the dollar store and cardboard shield courtesy of John Paul.

St. John Paul the Great (giving you his papal blessing)

This costume is making an appearance yet again and has had such a great run.  It's eight years old.  I made it when John Paul was a toddler!  It just needed an ironing and a new crucifix attached to the crosier.

Happy All Hallow's Eve!
Have a wonderful weekend and may all the holy men and women intercede for us all.


  1. That pillow case tunic is genius. I wonder if the idea could be adapted to be a white female martyr dress... I am all set for this year (reusing costumes for once!), but maybe in the future.

    1. It makes it so easy when they're little and short! I just cut head and arm slits and don't care that it frays a bit. Once they hit about four feet or so, then you've got to break out the sewing machine...

  2. Love the outfits! And only one sword this year. They all look very professionally put together. I was glad to see that the hood and cape have lasted. Has each of the boys worn the papal robes? Have fun at the party.

  3. You're so clever, as well as the boys, in designing their wonderful All Saints Day costumes! Well done!! I especially love the tonsures- kind of glad Michael backed out of getting the real deal! And so delighted to see the John Paul II costume resurrected again! It always gives me a kick! Happy All Saints Day!!

  4. They're all too cute! Do you have a pattern you use for the habits? I made John Paul a super-simple hooded robe for his costume this year, but I need something a little better for when he gets bigger!

    1. I just used some of their clothes laid out as a guideline like she does here: http://www.creativegreenliving.com/2011/10/the-littlest-monk-halloween-costume-how.html. I did have to remake John Paul's, though, because it came out way too tight!


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