Seven Quick Takes With Sundae in Hand

While I'm sitting here at home indulging in a bit of caramel sundae, my husband is out running a 5K with some friends.  So there's that.  Gotta balance it all out somehow.  I should probably do some diastasis recti exercises or something just so I don't feel too losery.  Instead it's a perfect time for the randomness of Quick Takes, am I right?

A couple of the boys are down with colds.  One is, shall we say, less than valiant in the face of a common cold and has been on the couch all day.  Another two just had a quick less than 24 hour stuffy/runny nose but have been playing the whole time.   And one has remained unaffected.  Here's hoping the raw honey, pulsatilla, vitamin C, and colloidal silver are doing their thing.  It was a good reminder to order my stash of elderberries for the cold and flu season so I did just that this morning.  We had such a great run health-wise last year and I think much of that was due to our little regimen.

I am going to risk losing the pop culture respect of dozens of people but I'm just going to come out and admit I have a few, how shall we say, issues with the whole All About the Bass and America's love affair with the song.  I know, I song, can't get it out of my head, good beat, yadda, yadda, yadda.  But let's not pretend that the song lyrics are not completely self-contradictory, right?

This article talks more about it and she goes a little farther than I would but makes some great points about the message as well as the video itself.
 "Again, the message isn’t really, “I have value, even though I don’t fit the mold I’ve been told I should fit,” but, “I have value, in fact I have more value than some other women who don’t share my body type, because I’m the one a heterosexual man should be attracted to.”"
I know.  Don't hate me.  Just a treble trying to find the love.
(P.S. Language warning if you do click over and read.  And kudos to Mary for sharing it!)

Do you have a Trader Joe's near you?  If you do, next time you're there, get these:

So good.  I mean, yeah, they're not as healthy as like fresh snap peas or anything but a great snack that feels like you're indulging but aren't all that horrible for you and are good for packing in the lunch bag?  I'm good with that.  And they have a bunch of fiber and protein and iron and magnesium and all sorts of other vitamins but you don't even realize it because like I said, so good.

So.  Did you hear the one about the thirty-somethingish girl who was trying to be all "fun" and "play volleyball" with some friends and was like "yeah, I can dive for that ball" and in doing so twisted her already ACL-less knee to the sound of a chilling pop and has been hobbling around for two weeks?  No?

It's a good one.
The good news is that I can almost bend it all the way again and don't anymore resemble the hunchback of Notre Dame whilst going up and down the stairs.  Oh, and because of our STELLAR insurance that now rots due to all the new regulations of our lovely president and all his "let's make health care more less accessible" I chose not to get it checked out and pay whatever crazy bills we'd end up getting.  Here's hoping it all heals just fine without those silly doctor people.  Who needs them anyway?

Tortilla Face Break:

Is it really lame to tell you that we're getting a new garage door?  Probably but I don't even care because things like that get me all excited.
New garage door!  Squeeee!   (Which is more the sound the old garage door makes than the sound I'm really making right now.)

Oh, wait.  I thought of something better to talk about!  Edel!  So, not gonna lie, wasn't thrilled with the Charleston choice because that's still all far and such but THEN I saw that Southwest flies to Charleston from Buffalo and maybe, just maybe, if the flights are cheap enough, I could get there with some of the miles we've stored up through them?  Maybe?  It doesn't look like it's one of their direct cheapie flights but there is hope.  Maybe they'll have one of their sales or something.  We shall see...if God wants it, I'm sure He'll remind the decision makers at Southwest that they've got to make it happen.

  Alrighty.  Back to my regularly scheduled sundae.

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  1. Yeah I'm trying to figure out some way to make the price tag to get to Edel somehow attractive to my husband? I don't know that it's gonna fly... But it's definitely cheaper than Austin!

  2. Oh, Mary! I do love the jam that is All about that Bass but had an inkling of reservation that you shared in your take with words (says the woman who finds out about current hits from circulating viral jimmy Fallon videos. Haha, I *rarely* listen to the radio because.. Ya.) Anyways, Ede eeelll! It seems way more far fetched for me this go around considering the last one was in my Texas backyard (sort of). God's Will be done :) pray you do get to go, though! And feel better! Praying for you!

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  4. This is gonna freak you out (maybe) but you just hit the nail on the head for me about why I personally love this song (though you are right it's a terrible song, and I am thinking about putting a redaction on my fb tomorrow)...

    “I have value, in fact I have more value than some other women who don’t share my body type, because I’m the one a heterosexual man should be attracted to.”

    I do a lot of workshops with women, teens, etc... about value in God's eyes, and embracing who we are. One thing I always share is that for my WHOLE LIFE I have felt embarrassed by my chest size. Tried to hide it, tried to diminish it, even with boyfriends. I was always so aware that I was different because my breasts were so large (is this too personal for blogs???). And I was totally ashamed. Even with every man I crushed on.

    Until I met my husband.
    And he honestly, 100% is attracted to women with large chests. And he loves that about me. And I love that HIS love for that part of my body, is part of what he loves about me (more than any other woman- because let's not lie, I have a HUGE chest). And I share that often in my talks with groups of all women. the shame I had for my body and the awesome recognition of God's plan for me for a man who loved that part of me.

    It shouldn't have to come at the expense of shaming someone else, and I didn't think critically about that until your grumpy critique of a fun, you might be right ;)

    1. Thank you for sharing that! Not too personal for my blog and I'm so sorry that you struggled so much with that. If it helps (no) never once since I've known you have I noticed your chest size :) You have one of the best smiles ever, though. I think that's what's bugging me about the song. The fact that it could've been SO good but then she (imo) missed the mark. The whole reasoning that because a man enjoys it more you're body is worth celebrating bothers me, too. I think Meghan's mother needed some help in the whole teaching your daughter self-worth thing :)

  5. ALSO. me and you at EDEL together?!?!?!?!

  6. ugh so sorry about your knee, Hope it heals! and how lame am I that I hadn't heard that song yet?

  7. OH NO for your knee.
    All of the elderberry bushes in my yard are gone. I knew they were dying off but I thought there were still some at the back. Glad you placed your order today. It did seem to do a great job last year.
    Love the tortilla face!
    I am going to try the peas.
    The song is in my head, too.

    Hope the cold passes quickly.


  8. Fly to Chicago and hang out with me instead!

  9. Wow...never even heard that song. I must live in a bubble.

    Sorry about your knee...praying it heals quickly and completely!

  10. I've never heard of the song either but I'm old and not supposed to be hip to these things, so I'm excused!
    I'm so sorry about your knee-I didn't know! I've been praying for your back to heal and now I'll add your knee.Poor baby!

  11. haha...well i'm not too old and haven't heard of that song either. but we have no tv, the radio in the van is broken and we only listen to the jazz station at home, haha, so there ya go ;)


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