{pretty, happy, funny, real} - vol. 56

Shootin' out a quick {phfr} for the records before the 7 p.m. exhaustion hits...

Behold the flower crown made by David (with a little Papa help) as a belated birthday gift.  I was to wear it all day until the flowers started shriveling up and dying on my head making me look like the fairy princess of death.

This boy was over the moon excited to go to work all day with Papa last week.  
I know, I know, I shared this on the Facebook page but HOW CUTE IS HE???

I don't even know what they're doing.  They were playing all morning out there hammering and dragging crates around the yard and ropes were everywhere while I worked on lesson and chore schedules.  But this was the only shot I got.


Not gonna lie, my birthday was kinda lame but I did get what I asked for from Brian:
Because that's what people do for their birthdays, right?  Tear down decrepit old outbuildings?
The old coop is gone and it was bittersweet.  When we moved in we were hoping to restore it but the previous owners had let it go too long and it was collapsing from all the rotted wood.  Only the front wall still stood like something out of an old western town.  There's still more to go and I hate nothing more than an unfinished project so we still need to cut down those man-size weeds in the back there and somehow clean up all the old concrete.  

I think we'll leave the floor, though.  Not sure what, if anything, we can use it for or if it will just be a random concrete pad in our lawn.  It hides behind the garage not visible from the house so I can't make it a play area or anything.  Other ideas?

And this is the gigantic bonfire a few yards away waiting to happen.  
And the reason I was sore for two days straight.

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Happy Thursday!


  1. The Fairy Princess of Death....LOL!!! Well, you are just so lovely in the before picture so I'm glad you took that first. But it would have been even better if you had taken the after shot. :)

  2. What about reusing the concrete floor and making a new coop there? I love when projects like that get done too. :)

    1. I had that thought, too, or at least make it another animal space since we already have another functional coop. For the cow that we don't own. Yet.

  3. Love the flower crown, how incredibly sweet of David (and hubby) to make it for you! =) Happy belated birthday!

  4. You could maybe create a little fire ring area on the concrete slab. You've got the wood, you just need marshmallows! ;)

  5. Can you throw some brick or stone on the concrete and make a patio space?

    1. I would love a patio but this location wouldn't work well. It's all the way on the other side of the garage/barn and not a space we would just hang out in. Darn because that sounds nice!

  6. Replies
    1. My sister just suggested the same thing! That might actually work! The floor's a little cracked and uneven but that's okay, I think.

  7. I love your little crown. What sweet kids you have, Mary!

  8. Fire pit for roasting marshmallows?

    1. We have a fire pit in the way back yard...I think this is too close to the garage for it to be safe anyway. Thank you for the idea, though!


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