Lake House Adventures (and the kids had fun, too.)

The other day we had the fantastic opportunity to spend an entire day at the lake house of a friend of a friend.  It was such a gift.  Oh my goodness, did we need this.  And God just chose to throw the perfect day at us weather-wise to make it that much better.  In a month filled with cool, cloudy, rainy days, we had the one blue sky, eighty degree day to soak in summer.

Coolest water playground ever

These friends just opened up their home (and all their toys!) to us, strangers they had never met, and gave us a day we truly needed as a family.  A day to have fun and play and laugh and rest and swim and make crazy great memories.  How generous is that?

So much fun all day long.

Tim pretty much let us take over his jet ski because he's the best :)

How awesome is this?

No pictures of me getting it up to 58 mph.  It was fast and wild and glorious.  We must've been out there a half hour or more.  As I was riding I just kept thanking God for the gift of being there, trying my best to soak it in.  

This guy was so adventurous and it was so great to see!

And all this guy could think about was fishing and waiting to take a boat ride.

No fish were harmed in the making of these memories.

After lunch our hosts took us out on the boat for some tubing.  The boys first time on a speedboat.

So. Super. Fun.

A turn for the slow riders :)

You better believe I took my turn with three of the other adults.  It was insane.  Besides the time we were going so fast and turning so sharp that the whole thing flipped and I got the wind knocked out of me and for a split second thought I had died but I hadn't and I was just floating in the middle of the lake trying hard to breathe, it was awesome.  Even that part was pretty sweet in retrospect.  Brian came up out of the water screaming my name because he was so nervous for me.  It was like we were in some dramatic movie.  Very romantic.  I lost an earring and Tim lost a shoe (it was rescued).  The screenplay will be out soon.

After that little episode we took a break and stopped the boat for some middle of the lake swimming.  (Shoe rescue in progress.)

Oh man, this boy was in his glory all day long.

And I even got a few minutes on the boat to close my eyes and soak it in all luxurious-like.  
Just practicing for my future movie star life.

So so grateful for such a gift.

It was a pretty, happy, funny, and real sort of day all day long so I'm
linking up this slightly scattered {phfr} with Leila and the ladies.


  1. I'm so happy you had that day! My uncle lives 'up north' and allows us to use his lake house each summer. It's really wonderful and quite relaxing.

  2. That looks like the best day at the lake ever! So glad for you guys.

  3. What. fun!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Those kinds of days are priceless! Don't you wish you could bottle that fun and just pour out a little bit on the days you really need it?

  5. so fun to read about/see your adventures!!


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