Flowers and Balloons and Fluffy Happy Things

Gosh, it feels hard to focus on happy things lately, doesn't it?  The people suffering in Iraq and Africa are never far from my thoughts and prayers.  The buzz about depression and suicide and so many suffering silently.  But I don't have the words to write about it so instead I write about laundry and flowers.  It seems silly and trite in light of the big things but I guess that's the only way to keep on keeping on.  Or something.


I did it!
I got TWO little blooms (out of my six bushes)!

I think I may need to do that thing next year to the soil that makes the flowers stay blue.  Totally worth it for two blooms ;)

Random picture of Luke appreciating some flowers outside of church


Last Sunday I organized a family picnic.  Finding time when we can get together has gotten harder and harder and it feels sometimes like we barely see them anymore.  But all the local people could make it!  My brother-in-law Greg even organized an epic water balloon fight for the kids!  So fun.  Every kid needs an Uncle Greg, I think.

(I apologize for the bad fluorescent-esque pictures...they're hard to look at but the best we got!  It was super bright plus Brian took them ;)

There was dye in some of the balloons :)

Luke totally unafraid to get in on the action...

Poor Grandpa :)

and back to my flowers...
If this little bed actually got any real sun these perennials I planted right after we moved in about five years ago would be filling up that whole space and look gorgeous.  But alas, I choose to plant things where I know they will not thrive and then be sad over the fact that they will not thrive.  Because I'm logical like that.

They are filling in, albeit very very slowly.
Also, like our broken concrete slowly mimicking flagstone?  Quite charming ;)

Hope you're having a blessed and happy Thursday!
Happy feast of St. Maximilian Kolbe!

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  1. I just put a hyacinth in my yard... what IS that thing one does to keep them blue?

    1. Aluminum something? Sulfate I think? I know you can get it at most garden stores!

  2. I'm envious of your hyacinth blooms. Mine hasn't flowered in two years. I don't think it gets enough sun. Also, I love older, broken sidewalks in older neighborhoods. New ones are just too sterile with no history. I really do think they are charming. Perhaps I'm just a romantic at heart!

  3. The picnic looks like fun! So fun to see glimpses of the nieces and nephews and how much they have grown.

    You can move your plants to a different spot where they will thrive...then plant some shade lovers in that area. Some hostas would be lovely there.

  4. We haven't touched on gardening up our new home. A part of me really wants to because it's starting to get a bit dreary on the home front, but have absolutely no idea where to begin! Love your blooms and love love love that you all had a water balloon fight! So. Much. Fun! Glad y'all were able to get together :)

  5. I love your black-eyed susans! And the photos of the water balloon fight are adorable :)

  6. So purdy! And I wish I was at your picnic. Looks like a wonderful time.


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