Blueberries, Finally

(and three more of those besides!)

Our garden has come to naught, there is nary a pear on our dozen trees, but by golly we finally got our blueberries.


  1. Nooooo I was just thinking about your pear trees today and how many pears you got last year - NONE? That's so frustrating :( Are those your own blueberry bushes? I'd love to replace all our azaleas and boxwoods with blueberries - I know they're not as pretty, but the sun is so good in the areas where we have bushes and I want to use the space for something edible!

    1. Oh no no no no. I wish! This is a place we go to pick at every year. You can't beat $1.75 a pound for organic blueberries so we stock up and freeze for the winter! We tried growing a few bushes and got nowhere but we have clay soil and a wet yard so I don't think that makes for the best conditions. You should totally do it! And yep, ZERO pears. THe cruddy cold weather this spring ruined any hope. So sad...the batch from last year saved me from buying so much fruit over the winter!

  2. Do you have to weigh the boys before and after picking so you can pay for the ones that end up in their mouths? We went picking at a friends' house and my girls managed to eat every single berry they picked! I love freezing them and having them all year...such a treat.

    Love the hats!


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