This Month in Boys - July 2014

John Paul

(you can tell he has a little cold in this pic!)

-turned TEN!
-played in the division's All-Star game.
-found four 4-leaf clovers a few days before his birthday from a patch in our yard.  I wish I had captured the excitement on his face!
-finally finished removing that concrete sidewalk and has the saved up for bee bee gun to prove it.
-mowed almost all of the lawn the other day!  (You have no idea how exciting this is!)
-is, for the first time in his life, opting to sometimes stay in his bed for a few more minutes of sleep in the morning.
-if he's staring off into space, is more than likely thinking about baseball or bee bee guns.
-currently chooses both chocolate and cookie dough as his favorite things to eat.


-Michael:  I want to move into a new house.
Me:  Why?
M:  Every time we move into a new house God gives us another baby.
So THAT'S how it works.
-decided one morning he wanted to turn their closet into a chapel.  And so he did.  They've been using it for prayer during the day and it brings me so much joy.  (He also showed it to our neighbors during their first visit to our house...)
-thinks he's big enough to ride John Paul's bike.  He's getting darn close and I think he's getting ready for yet another growth spurt soon.
-for his date with Mama chose to go to the baseball diamond for ice cream and to watch the older kids play, go to the dollar store to buy a lighter for the candles in his chapel, and go to Hobby Lobby for some red and yellow construction paper.  We made stopped and saw Jesus on the way home, too.
-still would prefer to play a game or do an art project than read.
-after exclaiming, "I don't know!  There are so many good things!" decided that cookie dough ice cream is probably, maybe his current favorite food.


-shared, "I know how growing works.  Every second another atom comes onto you.  And so you grow!"
-while bringing in the husked corn complete with all the saved corn silks:  "Mama, that part's for us.  So we can disguise ourselves as girls.  It's for our spy kits!"
-is my first to really enjoy coloring at this age and is really really good at it for a five year old!
-loves their art classes.
-when discussing my recent hair cut told me, "I don't think you should look like that anymore."
-is still our turn on the flip of a switch kid.  But he's slowly getting better.  Slowly.
-would really like to make his First Holy Communion.
-has become our hardest at bedtime.
-decided that "you're my second favorite adult."  It's sort of hard to beat Papa, I guess.
-has declared "chocolate mixed in with peanut butter and graham crackers and marshmallow and steak.  All mixed together.  I would LOVE that."


-requires that Papa sing "Happy Birthday (to Mama)" to him every night last thing before he goes to sleep.
-is still nursing.  He seems so big (but then he's the biggest for his age of our kids) but he still needs that time with me and it really gives him peace and security, I think.
-spilled a half gallon of blue paint all over himself and down the mudroom stairs.  It was epic.  But at least it forced us to start painting so there's that...
-is a big fan of fighting the "bad guys" whoever that may be.
-"Luke, what's your favorite thing to eat?"
"Five?  Your favorite thing to eat is five?"


  1. Love these! Lets hope Michaels new lighter and wanting a new house have nothing to do with each other !!

  2. Love your Month in Boys updates! I need to do an update of our little monkeys soon! Your boys are wonderful!

  3. I agree! These are fantastic:0 You just be inspiring me...I say might, because I haven't gotten back to blogging since our newest little arrived. But this is great encouragement to me!! Your boys are awesome.

  4. Haha! Good one Kelly!! I just love your monthly boy updates! They always make me smile and laugh out loud
    . It's so much fun to hear what their current interests and ideas are. I really want to try the food dish David suggested!

  5. I have just discovered your blog and can't get enough of it. I wish I could comment on every post. Mary, you are an inspiration. THANKS for that.

    Oh, and you have boys (so do I), who have lovely Biblical names, just perfect.
    Wishing you and your family all the best!

    Now off to other posts while my boys nap ;-)


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