Pockets of My Boy

I mentioned the other day that I had the esteemed privilege of going on a date with Michael.  He was such a joy.  Now that we've had a little more free time since baseball is done, I've been trying sneak pockets of time in with each of them.  It means so much and the bigger they get, the more I realize how important it is.  I don't mean to be that person who has to take a photo of every single thing I'm doing (and if I were, I've been awfully bad at it this year!) but I'm grateful when I do remember to snap a few shots.  I can't see myself remembering these sweet moments as well if I didn't.  

First stop was the baseball field for ice cream (we still have so many tokens left from their season!!).  We sat and watched the older boys play for a few minutes.

We headed over to the dollar store because we are high class date people.  Michael really wanted to buy one of those long lighters for his homemade chapel (I know.  Really.) so with many warnings and rules given about it's use, that's what we did.  And then we wandered around the store where he was afforded the ultimate luxury of looking at all the things without being hurried out by whining siblings or a mom with things to do.

His next declared desire was Hobby Lobby.  We were out of red and yellow construction paper, you know, and it was of utmost importance to him to get it replaced.

His favorite aisle

Who would've thought that walking into a craft store would feel like some sort of political statement?  But with all the news, that's totally what it feels like now.

Mission accomplished.

By this time it was getting late but we decided to make a quick stop to see Jesus

and take a stroll over to check out the little shrine nearby.

(Sorry, hon.  You may not scale the grotto.)

We got back past bedtime and the other boys were already upstairs.  He chattered away while getting his pajamas on and then emptied his (apparently large) pockets on the table.  Brian and I couldn't help but smile.  

The perfect snapshot of my boy:
Pocket knife, First Communion medal, all three Roman soldier keychains he desperately searched for in Rome, a crucifix, a bullet casing saved from the Memorial Day service, a bead found in the yard, and a five cent Euro coin.  
Isn't that what you carry in your pocket?


  1. I know all about how buying stuff at Hobby Lobby makes a statement! The nearest bricks-and-mortar one is about an hour away, so I went to the website when I heard about the court decision and bought a bunch of stuff in support. Good stuff!

  2. Ha ha, that's my 3-year-old's favorite aisle too!


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