Chickens, Birthdays, and No Use Crying Over Spilled Paint

Do chicks count as pretty?  We got an order of new layer chicks in since our girls have been petering out a bit.  Our mailman is the best.  He even called in the morning and offered to bring them right to the house for us rather than have us come pick them up like we usually have to do.

We had one casualty so now we're at 15 and they all look healthy and like they'll survive.  If we can keep Luke from loving them too much.

They're still inside in the laundry room under the heat lamp.  Since having a heat lamp going in your house during the hottest week of the year makes total sense...

Onto birthday things...
The wrapping that has become my trademark in the family.  I think it's pretty.  Not to mention cheap.  That bag of raffia has been around at least six years.  

rollerblades from Grandma

bee bees from David and Michael

Lord of the Rings sheet music!  And the LOTR and Hobbit soundtracks.  I love that he loves this stuff.

a stack of books

I don't remember what Brian said but apparently it was hysterical.  I love that my boy asked for jean shorts for his birthday and that's what's in the box.

a handmade target from Michael

Grandpa's old looking glass!  How neat is that?

hockey sticks and a field guide (and some very sparse and poor photography from the celebration)

birthday buddies...John Paul was born on my sister's 20th birthday.  John Paul got brownies in a dish per his request while my sister got an elaborate and awesome tie dye cake made by another sister.  The plan is for John Paul to have a "real" cake when he gets to celebrate with some friends with a backyard campout.  Which hasn't been planned yet.  Which probably should be since his birthday was already almost a week ago.

Oh, you wanted a sneak peek of the color I'm going to be painting our mudroom?? 

Because WHO ELSE BUT ME leaves a not all that closed FULL GALLON OF PAINT where their precocious two year old can get to it?!?!?  Oh, it was real.  Very very real.  And this was after the clean up.  But I didn't cry so there's that.

Joining with the Like Mother, Like Daughter ladies again!


  1. Oh my word, your "real" made me splutter laugh - just the way you introduced it, not the resulting mess. Full points for not crying; paint on carpet is nobody's idea of a good time. If it's any comfort (probably not) my Mom had that happen three different times with her toddlers. One was minutes before a realtor was coming over with prospective buyers to look at the house. I'm impressed to this day that she let my brother live after that one :P.

  2. Oh no, the real is a little too real isn't it! I love all the birthday fun, the baby chicks and seeing the glimpses of your serene home - but the paint spill sure did make me smile, and keep it very real. Blessings to you, I love visiting your corner on the web.

  3. Happy belated to the birthday boy!

    And is there such a thing as carpet paint you could just have dyed to match? Oh, bummer. I would have cried. You did well!

  4. And these were just the things leading up to the 4th of July. Thanks for posting the picture with the rollerblades. I feel like JP is looking right at me. You should take pictures for their website. The rollerblades look much better than the online picture.
    Happy new chicks. My last batch at school didn't make it. I think the incubator had seen its day and didn't hold the temperature even anymore.
    I left an open gallon on the platform of a step ladder when it got knocked over. At least that floor was due to be painted. I might have cried about the cost of more paint.
    Happy 4th of July.



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