Mass at St. Michael's

The last few days we've been privileged to be invited to Mass every morning with Father Michael.  Yesterday Mass was at his parish, which is, coincidentally, St. Michael's.  Something tells me things are a little illicit here, though.  I may find myself writing to the bishop soon.

Deacon David, of course, proclaimed the Gospel. 

Sometimes he needs a little help.

Their altar boy seemed like a newbie.  Sometimes he even runs out mid-Mass.  At least he was ready with the bells.

Clearly Mass is a very solemn event.

This is outside the church.  Because it's St. Michael's.  Obviously.

Then this morning Father invited us to his other parish, St. Mary's.

They may want to rethink their music ministry.  Their entrance song always seems to be the same.

Wait.  The Gospel always has to be about Jesus??

Father explained the Resurrection during the homily and there were no theological errors as far as I could tell.

But I'm preeeeettty sure these hosts are invalid.

Another Mass has been planned for this evening.  And pretty much every other day after that.
You should come ;)


  1. This is the cutest thing ever! My kids love playing mass, though they don't quite have the proper items needed as much as you do. We'll all be there for mass tonight. 7pm with 7 more kids sound good to you?

  2. I remember the night I was watching JP and Michel at your previous house. Fr. JP was spot on with every prayer.All went perfect until the recessionl. Alter boy Michael wanted to process to the bedroom but Fr. Wanted him to go to the kitchen. I never had to break up a fight at Mass before. I love that they are still doing it .

  3. Too cute! Looks like we may have some future holy priests in the making, ....heaven knows we are in need of them. =)

  4. I will absolutely be there.

  5. I hope I'm still here to be at the ordination! So very precious, our sweet boys


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