Boying it Up at the Cabin {phfr} - vol. 50

On Father's Day we spent the day at my dad's cabin about an hour and a half from our house.  It's a  little boy's paradise and the weather was perfect.  


Lewis and Clarking it

Venturing out with Aunt Bridget



The water was too cold to go in so no swimming (except for Uncle Greg's zipline into the water!) but I don't think these boys minded one bit.

Aunt Caitlin rockstar zipline assistant


Tadpoles (and a salamander!)


Redneck hayrides

Manhood challenges


Not pictured:  the target shooting, treehouse climbing, bonfire, grilling, hiking, and eating.
This place really is like a mini boy scout camp!

I'll pretend he's trying to hold her hand but I think he was trying to keep her away from murdering the tadpoles :)

And some of the gang.  Missing three families and Grandma.  With no more weddings, I don't know when we'll get the next full family shot!

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Happy Thursday!


  1. That place looks like kid (and grownup) heaven!

  2. So much fun. Isn't it crazy how very difficult it is to get full families together? Like you, until the next wedding, I don't know when we will have all siblings and cousins together.

  3. I love your Dad's place. Our old woods and so much more. I'm glad you included Brian on the zip line, it reminds me of the one he built. What a wonderful way to spend Fathers' Day.


  4. Looks like fun! Kayleigh is looking at these pics with me, trying to remember being there a couple years ago. If everyone was there you would need a bigger bridge! We are thinking about a trip to NY next summer...maybe we can get a group photo then...

  5. that looks awesome mary! loving the zipline!

  6. Definitely looks like a wonderful time!!


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