And That's All We Did Today

We decided to take the day "off" today and visit the Mediterranean Sea.  (Technically Tyrrhenian but it's part of the Mediterranean and that sounds so much better, right?)  We went to a place just outside of Rome called Santa Marinella.  And that's "all" we did.  It was perfect.

"I'm Michaelangelo sculpting a subway tunnel."

Pretty sure that ship in the back was a pirate ship.  David was ready with his "tricks."  "I'll just throw sand in their eyes and then they'll be blinded."

The water was very chilly!  But we all went in at least up to our calves.  That counts, right?

Why yes, that stick did come back on the train with us.  Because boys.

The end.

****Except can I please ask your prayers for guidance about this whole canonization thing?  As of today we still don't have a plan on how we're going to do this.  We're realizing more and more that the idea of all of us actually getting into St. Peter's Square for the canonization is pretty far fetched.  The city is starting to fill up with pilgrims.  We're still praying for a miracle but if you could say a prayer that we end up wherever God wants us to be (and please Lord, maybe that's in the Square?) I'd be so grateful!  Advice also welcome from those of you in the know.  Thank you!****

Other Notes from Today:
-That European/Speedo stereotype?  Completely valid.
-That top optional beach thing?  Also true.  And apparently all clothing is optional for little kids.
-David:  I found some elbows!!!
Me:  ?
David:  I found the inside of my elbows!!!
Me:  ?
Brian:  Mussels.  He found some mussels.
-Luke is by far the hardest toddler we have had.  Totally making up for being the easiest baby ever.  And that's all I'll say about that.  
-We found a tiny little crab down near the rocks.  Yay!


  1. Will be praying for you all regarding the canonization - I wish I had some advice but I don't I'm sorry.

  2. I will be praying for you. I am not sure if what I am about to say will be helpful or frustrating...but, at least from my perspective, it's so easy to see how ss john paul ii and john XXIII worked to get your family to Rome. The experiences you have given your boys have been an inspiration to me, and something very few people would ever be able to say they did. I can't imagine getting all the way over there and maybe not making in the square for the canonization, but, maybe even though you really thought in the beginning that was what the trip was about...maybe it was about so much more. I only say this because I have been in really intense crowds in Rome (wyd 2 million) and other places and having kids there will be so very stressful (maybe, unless you come up with a plan or God wants to hook you up in a crazy way). It might end up taking away from the joy, whereas maybe you can go somewhere close, you can still hear/feel the excitement and watch it on tv. I know it seems lame- but perhaps it would give the boys/you/brian the experience without being so stressful that you miss the spirit in trying to make sure your kids are safe. The other option would be one of you going (perhaps you?) and letting the other parent stay by a screen to watch it with the kids? Regardless please know I will be praying for you intensely and sending all of our guardian angles to help you discern what to do and how to best celebrate the special day with two amazing saints! Love to your whole family!

  3. Perfect! I'm so glad you had a day like this. I don't have any advice either but am sending prayers. Trust your heart, offer it all to Him and don't forget God will provide.

  4. I was hoping that toes into the Mediterranean Sea would be part of your trip. So glad the toes + made it into the water. Prayers for guidance on how to handle this Sunday. I would watch the boys for you but I don't think I could get there in time. So glad you got to visit the tomb of JP II before the crowds arrived.

    So glad the pirates didn't come ashore, but very relieved that David was prepared just in case.

    Love & Hugs to all


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