When It Rains...

"At least you're laughing," 
he said as he came up from the basement unsuccessful in his attempts at stopping the pounding/grinding/banging/buzzing noises from the furnace.  

I am.  Seriously.  And it's good that the heat decided to finally die on Ash Wednesday when I'm still self-talking in my holy voice.  And I did just read that quote from St. Josemaria this morning:
"I'm going to tell you which are man's treasures on earth so that you will not slight them:  hunger, thirst, heat, cold, pain, dishonor, poverty, loneliness, betrayal, slander, prison..." and that word jumped out at me.  Lord knows I hate being cold.

So it sorta feels like this is a good thing.  Or at least a God thing.  Which is kinda the same.  I'll let you know in the morning when my joints are stiff and I can see my breath and I'm caressing my hot cup of coffee like Gollum with the ring.  Thank you, Lord, for space heaters.  Hey, if it wasn't for this who knows when I would've gotten to wear my mom's hand me down men's long underwear complete with the -ahem- special front pocket under my looks-like-a-fleece-garbage-bag pajamas that are so large they fit me even when I'm nine months pregnant?  Right?  Hello, bright side.  There always is one.  I have no doubt Brian's been waiting for them to come back out of hiding.

I know other families know exactly what this is like.  Everything seems to happen at once, right?  

We still haven't figured out what to do about the van.  We don't think it makes sense to keep it since this is still the van that has to be hit with the right spot on the special umbrella to get it to start.  (I do so like feeling like The Fonz, though.)  Driving all together in Brian's truck to get to Mass is very special.  An intimate and faithful sort of recklessness where Brian gets to crouch down in the backseat in front of three sets of small kicking legs while the only thing I can see in the rearview is his face.  It's quite bonding, really.  The squirrel noises are lessening, at least.  We think that the squirrels may have scared away the bats, though, so how about that?  MAYBE if it's cold enough in here it'll then drive out the squirrels.  See?  Bright side! 

I promise you, I'm laughing.  Which is weird.  Because normally I'd be getting way overwhelmed and panicking.  Especially right at this very moment after hearing Brian downstairs pull out the old pump and the sound of water gushing ev-er-y-where.  Oh, boy, I should worry about that.  But there's this weird peace that everything's just fine.  And I'm smiling.  I probably look crazy but whatever.  I have a Father who has proved Himself faithful time and time again and has always provided.  We have so much and these little (really, in the big scheme totally little) inconveniences are nothing compared to eternity, nor to what others have to endure.  

Like I said, we'll see how my self-talk is faring in the morning.  But for now, there are certainly lots of intentions lately to offer up these little inconveniences for and as long as my holy voice is still going, care to add yours?  In exchange for your intentions I'll send you my still in the works prayer card featuring an artist's rendition of me embracing a coffee mug while wearing men's long underwear.  
Get your frame and devotional candles ready.

I may have to share.


  1. I'm always happy to add my intentions to another's. Please pray for my son, Noah. He is going through a really difficult period right now and not doing well (ok, failing) high school chemistry. Prayers most appreciated, and I'll remember your van and furnace in mine. You're on your own with the squirrels. ;-)

    1. That must be so hard. I will definitely pray for Noah.

  2. I'll always take whatever prayers anyone can send my way. Specifically right now, we're praying for my husband's job search. Sorry about your heat and van! We will pray for you.

    1. Prayers that the right work comes along. St. Joseph, pray for them!

  3. I remember having that sinking feeling when my hubby was working on our bathroom (the one we had to remodel because we returned from vacation to discover a water leak that had created mold halfway up the walls). I heard a pop and water gushing when a pipe shutoff valve broke. Hubby ran to the main water shutoff while the boys and I frantically grabbed towels and blankets to try to stem the flow. It still ended up flooding the bathroom, part of the kitchen and the pantry. Fun times! Hang in there, things can only go up from here, right?

  4. Sometimes I muse that I have stories to write a book on when it comes to house problems! Having lived in many places (military life) my husband has become very knowledgeable when it comes to fixing houses!

    I would be very grateful for your prayers. For the gift of a baby in the midst of secondary infertility and for my family that we hear and do the will of God.

    1. I'm so grateful to have a husband that can do things like this. And who isn't afraid to try and figure things out. I can't imagine how much more it's needed when it comes to military housing!

      I will definitely continue to pray for you!


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