This Month in Boys - February 2014

John Paul

-decided that Revelation is his favorite book of the Bible.
-asserted, "The way to find joy and peace is just to take everything with a good humor."  
Me:  "Oh yeah?  Where'd you learn that?"
JP:  "Experience."
-just finished reading Eight Cousins with me and we're now onto Little Women.
-has been spending lots of hours skating at the neighbor's ice rink.
-played A Short Story in the winter piano recital.
-has been sending secret letters to his cousin who is also a member of the S4KDA (in case you're out of the loop, that's the Secret for Kids Detective Agency).
-made a little treasure hunt for Michael and David to find their valentines.  At the end they were each awarded a paper heart and forty two cents.
-this was in response to a previous plan falling through.  He was so very upset when they unintentionally and prematurely discovered the anonymous valentines (mysteriously signed, "Love: ???") he had hidden from them.
-almost always is "thankful for all the fun things we got to do today" during our evening prayers.


-has been learning Italian with Papa each night before bed.
-has also been learning some beginning piano from John Paul (at my's hoping we can at least do the beginning lessons ourselves and save some dough?).
-was fascinated by the figure skating and keeping track of the countries.
-was spotted the other day snuggled up in a chair reading to David and nearly made my heart burst.
-has unfortunately inherited his Mama's dry winter skin and eternally chapped lips.
-is preparing for First Reconciliation and has the Act of Contrition down.
-remembers to pray for our sponsored children every night.


-loves to help cook dinner.
- asked, "Mama, what side do you want to be?"
"You're going to be heads so I can be the eagle."
-was very helpful in giving Papa the hint about what to get me for Valentine's after our trip to Trader Joe's...where he may or may not have been told extremely specific information.  He felt very important to be privy to such information and has been excitedly examining my new tulips and noticing every detail and calling us over to show us.
-must have four almonds as he goes up to bed.
-while wearing a navy blue shirt asked, "Mama, do I kind of look like a blue jay?"
-also loves listening to the saint stories on CD.
-declared that he wanted to give all his money to the poor and then asked what chores he could do to earn more money to give.
-very often prays at night "for all the people stuck in the snow."


-chases Maggie around calling her "Precious" and wanting to love on her.  I think this may be one of the funniest things that ever existed.
-is still into everything.  There's always a moment of panic when I realize it's been too quiet.  And often it's justified.
-prefers to have the only two stuffed animals we own in his bed at night.  A dog ("woof-woof") and Bear that were mine when I was younger.
-is talking and repeating so much!  I love it and I love learning what their voice is going to sound like!  When we were driving to the Olympics he spent a good five minutes just repeating the word "Bob (pause) sled" like he was practicing and so thrilled to hear his own voice able to say it.
-says "Day-Day" for David", "Ma-til" for Michael, and "Ba-pull" for John Paul.  His "k" sounds like a "t" so when he wants to nurse, he asks for "mitt."
-needs to have O, Holy Night, Silent Night, and Joy to the World (in that order) sung to him by Brian before going to sleep.
-doesn't much follow along with night prayers but says "Jesus" as adorably as can be.


  1. Aww, love this. My oldest loves skating next door too!

  2. Aww, love this. My oldest loves skating next door too!

  3. Always my favorite posting. Hugs and kisses to all.

    Grandma in Chicago

  4. I love these posts. This reminds me that I haven't done one of these for my girls for a long time....


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