A Chair of St. Peter for the Chair of St. Peter

Today we crazy Catholics celebrate the feast of the Chair of St. Peter which, of course, isn't exactly for the chair itself.   We ain't that crazy.  But we do like to recognize how Christ handed over the keys and authority of the Church on earth to St. Peter and his successors and remains with us here in that way.  Because that's neat and Christ was pretty smart.  The chair simply represents that authority as it has in so many cultures throughout time.  It's a feast that has been celebrated since the fourth century!  You can read more about it here, if you like.

Anyhow, in order to celebrate we whipped up our own chair of St. Peter which we will indulge in tonight and if you promise not to laugh, I'll show it to you.


Oh, wait!  First, fancy ingredient shot:

Plus a dash of milk, one jelly bean, and a white Necco wafer.

And now a shot of the real chair which I have to tell you because I don't want you to accidentally mistake them:

And our spot-on, carbon copy, how-in-the-world-did-they-do-it replica:

Uncanny, right?

(Stop laughing.)
Can I blame it on the boys helping?  The fact that Brian was literally gutting a turkey behind me as I decorated?  The fact that I decided this morning I was going to do this and was using things scrounged out of the cupboard?  No?  
My kids will be able to say a lot of things about me when they're grown but at the very least they can never say I didn't try...


  1. I LOVE it!!! Don't be embarrassed for one second!

  2. Wait. Which one is which? I can't tell. I'm guessing that your homemade and probably juuuuuust a bit shoddy version is the first one, because the back seems to be broken. Right? ;-)


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