What Blizzard?

Apparently there's a blizzard going on outside.  The governor closed the thruways, there are driving bans everywhere and I don't think any schools in the area are open (ha, except ours!  Sorry, kids!).  But you wouldn't know it from our yard!  I am fascinated by the fact that our yard looks like a normal December day (you can even see the driveway and grass!) while a mere five or six miles away I'm hearing of white out conditions and two to three feet of snow.  Those lake effect bands are weird, I tell you.  We never get the huge pilings of snow in this neighborhood even when it's blizzarding just a few miles away.  And I am not complaining about that one bit :)  I can pretend it makes up for the near constant flooding.  

See the ice?  That's from the flooding :)

It is freakishly cold outside.  Right now the temperature is 3 degrees with a wind chill of -20.  Cold.  I'm a little worried about the turkeys and hens outside.  We have a heat lamp but I don't know how much it can do against this.  The man did still come this morning to give us an estimate for the bats.  (See? Other issues.  I'd much rather have snow than flying rodents.)  I sure wouldn't mind if they froze.

During the night our furnace did that thing it sometimes does and quit working.  It took a good six hours to go from 50 (yes, 50) degrees to breaking 68.  But I'm so grateful for heat and our home and hot coffee and that we have no place that we need to be.  I'm grateful that we can push a little button and heat our home.  How amazing is that?  I'm praying for and thinking about those without adequate housing and all of those who have to work in these conditions.  God bless them.

As I'm finishing writing this the flurries are starting to get a little thicker, the wind a little louder, and I'm thinking perhaps I wrote too soon...we shall see!  I'll be relieved when Brian walks in the door from work.

How is it where you are?


  1. yes, lake effect is funny. It was pretty bad here for a few hours. I couldn't even see moms house! So blessed to be in a warm home with all our loved ones! (Rob is working from home)

  2. I was disappointed to wake up to no storm/accumulation! BUT...it is definitely getting crazy out there now. I have been quite entertained by watching the constant changes. VERY grateful to be watching it from my warm home though. Praying for all those who are not as cozy as we are! (The comment about the bats freezing made me laugh out loud. A little snort may have snuck out as well :-)

  3. I was wondering how you all were faring during the big storm.

    We've just got rain here today. Lots of rain. If it was colder, it would be lots of snow, but the temps are in the 40s so its just wet.

  4. It is warmer, today, here in Kansas! Yesterday, most KC area school districts called off…and so did our tiny Catholic school. I guess they didn't even want us braving the weather…regardless of how many rosaries or novenas were prayed for safety! ;) 30 degrees has never felt so warm!!!

  5. Nothing like a good old-fashion blizzard to make you appreciate electricity, furnace, fireplace & cozy home even more than I already do. It's really fun (no kidding!) to ride out the storm knowing everyone is safe and warm. We actually did some long awaited organizing of bookshelves, photos and cupboards, then stopped, opened a bottle of wine and watch "Anne of Green Gables"! Does life get any better??

  6. Praying for all of you during this blustery, cold cold cold winter! It is unusually cold here in Texas, but nothing like what your dealing with. I still do NOT want to leave my house though and each time I hear the click, click, click, of our gas furnace turning on I smile - I love that sound.


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