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I took the camera around the house in an effort to intentionally find some beauty.  We've been stuck here for some long winter days lately!

I was the lucky recipient of one of Theresa's beautiful creations!  I finally don't have to carry around the Mass bag John Paul got when he was one year old, monogrammed with his name, of course...  I love this bag and now I can feel like a real lady with a pretty bag :)

I bought some flowers as a gift but I've been enjoying them on my counter until I can give them.

A St. Anne chaplet gifted to me by a doula client.  Her baby is one year old next week!  


In my world, the pencils would all be the same monochromatic unfinished natural wood.  But I knew these would make my boys happy.  Sigh.  The sacrifices we make...

I've had this poster for four years and finally got it in a frame.  And then it didn't fit the spot I had for it. But it still makes me happy.


Exhibit A (posted at Christmas):

Exhibit B:

  No. Words.
(Thank you to my friend Megan for sharing with me on Pinterest!)

Also, this.  This is what you get when you're cheap and save up all the bottles to redeem the deposits but keep forgetting to bring them with you to the store:
I was cooking dinner and turned to discover that the Luke had dragged the bag in, unloaded it, and was organizing and playing with the bottles.  This has happened before.  What is the intrigue with the bottles, children?  I have since remembered to bring them to the store.  The $1.75 was totally worth the month of a bag of empty recyclables sitting in my laundry room.  Or not.


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  1. I voted for you! I love your blog! So much beauty in those photos but my favorite (aside from the recycles and your son) is that little wooden duck - so sweet!

  2. Love that poster! Can I ask where you got it?

    1. There's actually a great book that goes with it! I bought the book and the poster came free with it from a vendor at a conference but the website inside the book led me here: http://catholicartworks.com/product_books_posters.htm It looks like the poster is red now, though... That site has some sweet books!

  3. Love to see you win a category or two:)

  4. Ah, Luke, that's my boy! He can't help it- it's that Irish blood in him!

  5. I like the poster too!

    Your son reminds me of me (with the periodic table). I had the metabolic map on my wall in high school and through college! Totally geeky, I know, but I loved staring and it and studying it.

    Oh, and I would go for the natural wood pencils too ;-)

  6. I really like your Holy water font! My husband and I want to get one but haven't yet found one.

    Your boys sure are awesome and I hope that if I am ever blessed with boys, I can be as good a mother to boys as you are---making Tolkien Christmas presents and all... Can I say that? Hmm, blogging sometimes makes me feel like a pesky fly on the wall and I hope my sparse comments are taken as a compliment and not as a "creepy, stalker" thing...

    Whatever the case, I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing through the blog window to the wonderful people beyond.

    - Hannah

    1. Ha, stalkers always welcome :) The font was a gift for our third - I love it, too! It's rarely filled, though, unfortunately. I used to try but it would evaporate or be spilled within a day! I appreciate the compliment...I am far far far far from a great mother but I do try and by the grace of God they may turn out okay despite me!

  7. I really need to get that saints poster - John Paul would love it! Do you have any idea what size it is? We happen to have an extra frame and if it would fit I'm totally ordering it right now!

    1. I got an 18x24 frame and had to trim it a bit to fit. Otherwise, it would've needed a custom frame (i.e. big bucks). The new version on that site says it's 18x24, though, so hope that's what you have! The book that goes with it is great, too!


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