Snow Day

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Last week we had our first real snow of the season and the boys were ecstatic upon seeing it when they woke.


They were clamoring to get out as soon as I would let them.  Formal lessons gave way to...meterological exploration?  Physics experiments using condensation as a medium?  Gym?

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So during the previous night there was an exchange that went something like this:

M:  trying to pretend I didn't just hear something because ohmygoodness I was finally ASLEEP
B:  ....
M:  Okay, I don't hear crying.  No one fell out of bed.  Oh, shoot, then what WAS that?  It sounded like it was downstairs.
M:  Brian...  Brian!  Did you hear that?
B:  Unggh.
M:  Flip over.  Go back to sleep.

The next morning the exchange went something like this:

M:  You heard that last night, right?
B:  Yeah.
M:  I thought maybe it was one of the kids but they were fine.  Then I realized someone must've gotten into the house.  And I figured there wasn't much I could do about it anyway so I might as well not get up and I could fall back asleep while we waited for him.
B:  Yeah, me too.  I figured I had my knife hidden under the mattress so I could use that if I needed.  (Me:  You have WHAT?!?)
M:  Yeah, if he was coming to kill us at least we'd be lying down.

And that's home security under sleep deprivation.

Turns out the thump was this:
Which is far more plausible than the man coming to kill us in our sleep.

Our latest project!  This room is bad.  Reeeally bad.  But we're finally ready to tackle it and transform it into something that doesn't make me shudder.  The trim paint is done and we're hoping to get the walls painted this weekend!

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-One Day Less-
(Thank you so much for your comments on the whole One Day Less resolution.  It's been really good for me and I hope I can continue it.)

Day Five
Today it's one day less of lessons.  Which is a little hard for me.  I'm anxious to get back on our schooling routine.  We were trucking along really well this year and then things were thrown off a bit by our trip a few weeks ago which was immediately followed by a recovery day, then that snow day, then Thanksgiving, and then Advent.  All good things but it did make me glad we started a bit earlier this year.  Today we'll have yet another day less of lessons in favor of going to my sister's house to work on our placemats for the prisoners.  And I'll be okay with that.  I won't freak out that my kids will never finish their math books or that they will somehow be stunted by this one less day of lessons.  God wants us doing something else today and He is the one who should be our master lesson planner.  He is Who we follow.  Not curriculums or my own agenda.  Him.  And He has proved Himself faithful over and over in providing my children with the education they need.  I want my children to learn that charity comes first...before routines and lessons.  So we'll spend this morning with less math and less grammar and with lessons of the much more important variety.


  1. What stunning pictures!
    Loved the sleep deprived exchange - sounds like some we have had here.

    I am enjoying your series (even if I don't have a chance to comment) - lessons: I learned when my daughter went back to regular school in 8th grade after 6 years of just reading (honestly, I don't think she even completed a handful of math worksheets the entire 6 years) that it was all good. She ended up graduating 8th grade # 1 in her class after just one year of 'school'! As her 8th grade math teacher said to the class after they couldn't understand how she was confused with the book (I was too, but that's another ugly story) "she might not get this book, but she knows more about everything else than the rest of you put together"
    moral of this long-winded comment (sorry): book learning isn't everything! Read!
    Here's hoping the boys enjoy the snow some more, mine are jealous of the snow you got already
    blessings for a wonderful Advent

    1. It's actually all melted already! It's in the 50's today! (Which I am NOT complaining about :)

      That's so encouraging to hear about your daughter! Good for her and a credit to you!

  2. The snow photos are gorgeous! I could identify with the sleep deprived explanation, we've so been there too. The one day less series is great, as is Karen's comment above which makes me really glad I'm reading comments here!

  3. Beautiful pictures. I can't wait to see your room makeover.

  4. My gosh I am jealous of all that. I will not be letting my kids see this on the computer screen. Around this time of year there are many tears that we don't get to experience snow. Beautiful pics, good luck with the project!

  5. The snow pictures are beautiful! I've been stressed about not getting enough done in school lately - we've had quite a busy fall with so many other activities going on. We've had a quiet week here, with lots of time to do extra lessons and it's been great. I figure it all evens out in the end. And if it doesn't, like you said, I'd rather have compassionate, generous, charitable kids than math whizzes.

  6. Love the ones with the amazing light. (They are all good; those are just the ones that are standing out to me today!) Gorgeous. I really want more snow! :-)

  7. the picture of sunrise on snow is gorgeous!! can't wait to see the "new" room!

  8. Your sleep deprived story is too, too funny (especially that you didn't know about the knife under tbe mattress!) Hilarious!

    I've been really enjoying your one day less series....teaching charity is just as important as teaching math and I love the way you talked about trusting God with education.

  9. I'm enjoying your writing and photographs today (stopping by via LMLD).

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous photos!!! I just scrolled through the pics with mr. toddlerman crawling on my back, fully intend on coming back and reading the post in full as well as re-enjoying the beautiful photos!

  11. I cannot WAIT to see what happens in that room! It's gonna be lovely, that's for sure.

  12. Your pictures are gorgeous - we take "snow days" for beautiful new snow too :)


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