One Day Less - Rest.

Day 9

We have a sick exhausted house today.  Many many wakings in the night from all different people combined with several weeks worth of nights that weren't all that much better and I need to rest.  I hate that so much.  I don't like going to bed or taking naps.  There are things to do, you know!  I want to be going all the time.  I'm the person that needs to be told to sit down or take a nap but there's no one here to do that most days.  So I go and go until I get sick.  Today I have to rest or our whole family will suffer.  I need a nap.  I need to rest.  I need to have less on my list and give in to the fact that once in a while even I need to sleep.

It's a gift that today is a solemnity so I don't have the added guilt of skipping lessons and I may even find something for the boys to watch to celebrate.  We're going to do less today because today, that's just what we need.  

And hey, if you wouldn't mind saying a prayer that my kiddos feel better and sleep tonight, I'd be so so grateful :)


  1. Praying for you and your boys. My girls have been sick this weekend, too....

  2. Wow, we are so different...I LOVE naps and bedtime. If you ask my kids what my favorite thing to do is, they would tell you that it's SLEEP! Hah! But, I promise I'm not lazy, when I'm awake, I am go go go, I just schedule in naps and early bedtimes whenever possible :)

  3. Saying prayers for you and your kiddos.
    You may know this already, but I didn't. Years ago we kept recycling illness after illness. I learned to change the air filter before their schedule when we've had a sick house, it really did keep us from continual recycling and open a few windows a minimum of 30 mins a day to help get fresh air in the home (no matter the weather). It really does help!

    1. Thank you so much! Mostly all feeling better today! We actually have radiator heat so there are no filters! I wish it were a simple solution like that, though. It does seem we get sick more than we should for not even having anyone in school or daycare! The open windows thing is probably a good idea...I'll see if I can overcome my cold wimpiness!


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